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How To Travel Oman On A Budget: Average Daily Costs For A 2 Week Road Trip

Since publishing my Oman itinerary and Oman accommodation guide, several people have asked me about the necessary daily travel budget for Oman. And since I always obsessively keep check of every euro, dollar, dong, rupee or in this case Omani Rial we spend I am happy to share our Oman expenses. Oman: daily travel budget for a 2-week road trip Check…

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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Oman

I wrote this post while sitting at Muscat airport. I was feeling a little sad because I had such a great time in Oman and found it difficult to say goodbye… Apart from a small hiccup at the Hatta border, I felt nothing but welcome in this amazing country. The people are very nice and the country feels safe and relaxed. And…

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How To Travel From Dubai To Muscat By Bus Via The Hatta Border

When we decided to visit Oman as the 3rd country of our Big Trip I looked into several ways of getting to Muscat, the capital of Oman. We could fly directly from Sri Lanka but tickets were quite expensive so we decided to fly to Dubai instead and travel from Dubai to Muscat by road. The added bonus would be…

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Where To Stay In Oman: 11 Campsites and 5 Hotels

As I mentioned in my Oman road trip itinerary, Oman has yet to be discovered by tourists. A good thing really, because you’ll have all the beautiful places to yourself! I don’t know why there are not more people visiting Oman, it’s such a beautiful country! Perhaps because there are several misconceptions about the country, such as: Oman is only…

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Oman Road Trip: A 2 Week Self Drive Itinerary

Oman isn’t a very well known country. In fact, when I announced Frank and I would be making a road trip around Oman many people asked: why are you going there, is it not one big desert? Having explored Oman for 2 weeks by car I can safely say it most definitely is not… Oman is beautiful and has a…

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