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How To Travel From Dubai To Muscat By Bus (Via Hatta Border)

Are you planning to visit Oman from the U.A.E.? While you can fly directly to Muscat, the capital of Oman, it's often cheaper to travel from Dubai to Muscat by bus.

The bus is a comfortable, easy, safe and very affordable way to travel from Dubai to Muscat.

In this post you can read everything about the Dubai Muscat bus route, where to buy tickets and what to expect along the way.

How to travel from Dubai to Muscat by bus via the Hatta border?

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Village Walk Jebel Akhdar Ash Shuraiqa Saiq Oman

Update 2022: I received several messages from travelers (thank you Christian, Lioba and Kreso!) who kindly shared their recent experience traveling between Dubai and Muscat.

Unfortunately, the Mwasalat busses (line 201) are still not operating between Dubai and Muscat due to COVID-19. This information was confirmed by an official agent at the Mwasalat counter.

Instead, you can purchase a ticket from a private bus company called ‘Al Khanjry Transport‘. There are two daily buses, one at 6 am and one at 3 pm. Tickets are 100 AED / 10 OM per person (one-way) and can be bought directly at the Al Khanjry offices in Dubai or Muscat.

It's recommended to purchase your tickets a few days before your intended travel date as they sell out quickly (only 50% of seats are currently available due to Covid safety regulations).

Things to know about the Dubai Muscat bus

How long does the bus from Dubai to Muscat take?

If you are lucky the it only takes 6 hours to travel from Dubai to Muscat by bus. However,due to traffic jams in Dubai and the long waiting time at the Hatta border the journey took us 9 hours.

Important: don't make the same mistake as we did and avoid traveling to Muscat by bus from Dubai on Thursdays (especially the afternoon and evening bus).

Because Friday is when the weekend start in both the U.A.E. as well as Oman, this bus is very busy with workers going back home for the weekend. Waiting times at the borders can be long and traffic is pretty bad too.

Where to stay in Dubai:
Premier Inn IBN Battuta (3-star)
Edge Creekside Hotel (4-star)
Taj Dubai (5-star)

Best things to do in Dubai:

– Admire the view from the Burj Khalifa observation deck
– Visit the colorful Miracle Garden
– Go on a desert safari

Which facilities are there on the bus?

For those who are a bit apprehensive about long-distance bus travel, don't worry! These luxury buses are as comfortable as they get.

On the Dubai Muscat bus, there are air conditioning, free Wi-Fi and USB charging points in the back of each chair.

There are no bathrooms on the bus, however, there are bathrooms at the border crossings (both at the U.A.E. as well as the Oman side).

For the return bus from Muscat to Dubai, the driver will usually allow a bathroom break if requested at one of the eleven stops in Oman.

Where to stay in Muscat:
Mutrah Hotel (2-star)
Hilton Garden Inn (4-star)
Al Bustan Palace (5-star)

Best things to do in Muscat:

– Join a dolphin-watching tour
Explore the underwater world when snorkeling at the Dimaniyat Islands
– Go sightseeing on this Muscat city tour

Bus Dubai to Muscat: a step by step guide

Step 1: buy a bus ticket

How much does a bus ticket from Dubai to Muscat cost?

We paid 55AED per person for a one-way ticket (a return ticket is 90AED).

If you travel from Muscat to Dubai the price is 5.5 Omani Rial for a one-way ticket and 9 Rial for a return ticket.

What time does the Dubai-Muscat bus leave?

There are 3 buses a day in both directions.

From Dubai to Muscat:

  • The Mwasalat bus from Dubai to Muscat departs at 7.30 am, 3.30 pm, and 11 pm from the Abu Hail bus station.
  • Getting on the bus is also possible at Airport Terminal 2 (7.45 am, 3.45 pm and 11.45 pm) and at Rashidiya Bus Station (8 am, 4 pm and 12 pm). Please

From Muscat to Dubai:

  • The Mwasalat bus from Muscat to Dubai departs at 6.20 am, 3.20 pm and 11.20 pm.
  • Departure from Al Azaiba Station in Muscat. Along the way to Dubai, the bus stops at Muscat Airport, Burj Al Sahwa, Maabela, Barka, Musanah, Suwaiq, Khabura, Saham, Sohar, and Shinas.

On the Mwasalat website you can find the the bus time table (route 201).

Historic neighborhood Dubai abra ride

Where can I buy a ticket for the bus from Dubai to Mucat?

Unfortunately, it's still not possible to book a ticket for the Mwasalat bus from Dubai to Muscat (or vice versa) online.

Tickets can be bought directly from the RTA stand found at exit 2 at the Abu Hail Station MRT station) or at the Mwasalat Office in Deira (near the Clock Tower), see the map below.

Alternatively, you can board the bus at Rashidiya Station (the last stop on the red metro line), however, you must get a ticket before getting on the bus because you cannot buy one in the bus itself.

Click here for the interactive map.

Step 2: board the bus 30 minutes before departure

When departing from Abu Hail Bus Station, be sure to be here 30 minutes before departure.

Put your big backpack in the luggage space of the bus and hop aboard. Someone from the bus company will come and check your ticket.

Pick a seat (the ones at the front of the bus are usually reserved for single female travelers), sit back, and relax.

Keep your fingers crossed for light traffic in Dubai, in our case, it was very busy which added at least an hour to our travel time.

Bus from Dubai to Muscat

Step 3: the Hatta border, U.A.E. side part 1

After about a two hours drive you should arrive at the Hatta border (unfortunately it took us a lot longer due to the heavy traffic in Dubai).

At the U.A.E. border, you have to get off the bus and pay a 35AED exit fee per person. This can be paid in cash as well as by card. Once that's done, get back on the bus and KEEP YOUR EXIT FEE RECEIPT!

Step 4: the Hatta border, U.A.E. side part 2

The bus will drive a little further and stop at U.A.E. customs. Get off the bus again, take your passport and exit fee receipt with you.

Inside this customs building, you will get your U.A.E. exit stamp after which you can hop back on the bus.

Step 5: the Hatta border, Oman side part 1

Again the bus will drive on a little before stopping at Oman customs. Well, actually the Oman luggage checkpoint.

At this checkpoint, you will have to take all your belonging off the bus and present them to an Omani policeman (if you are male) or policewoman (if you are female).

The police will give your luggage a superficial check, but the real test is when all luggage is lined up and a specially trained dog is led around the luggage to check for drugs.

Presuming this goes smoothly all luggage can be loaded back on the bus and there is only one more step to go before you are officially in Oman!

Bandar Al Khairan Viewpoint Oman
Visit Nakhal Fort in Oman - historic fort
Oman is a beautiful country with a rich history

Step 6: the Hatta border, Oman side part 2

Usually this part of the journey should go quite smoothly, however, it took us quite a bit of time because there were long lines at the Oman immigration counters.

We crossed the border on Thursday evening, which is the start of the weekend in Muslim countries. In hindsight, I knew this, but it hadn’t occurred to me the border would be extra busy on the evening before the weekend.

Regarding visas, since 2018 you can either get an electronic visa online before your Dubai to Muscat trip or a visa on arrival.

There are two tourism visas: a 10-day visa that costs OMR5 or a 30-day visa which is ORM20.

As we were going to do a 2-week road trip in Oman, we got a 30-day visa. There is an ATM at the Oman Customs Office where you can get the Omani Rial needed to pay for the visa.

After buying our visa and getting our stamps we got back on the bus which continued to Sohar. There are a couple more stops along the way where local people will board the bus or disembark.

The last stop in Muscat is Al Athaiba and by the time you arrive here, the bus will probably be almost empty.

You can either find a hotel nearby or get a taxi to Mutrah (we stayed at Mutrah Hotel. A taxi from Al Athaiba to Mutrah costs around 5 or 6 Rial.

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Dubai to Muscat bus: in conclusion

That's everything you need to know about traveling by bus from Dubai to Oman. If you have any questions, leave a comment or send me a message.

Also read my posts about why you should visit Oman, our Oman travel budget and camping in Oman. Got more time to spend in the U.A.E.? Why not add a visit to Abu Dhabi as well!

This post was updated in May 2022.


Wednesday 14th of December 2022

Hi, Do you know if the bus (the 201) from Dubai to Muscat likely to be running again by Feb 2023? I saw your notice that it was cancelled due to Covid 19, and would appreciate an update if you are able to do so. Thank you.


Wednesday 14th of December 2022

Hey Veronica, I've checked and according to the Mwasalat website ( the Dubai-Muscat bus is still not available at this moment. There is the Al Khanjry bus and you can always check the Mwasalat site again in January to check if services have been resumed. I wish you a safe journey! Lotte


Wednesday 31st of August 2022

Hello, do you have some more information about purchasing bus tickets by Al Khanjry?


Tuesday 6th of September 2022

Hey Bart,

Unfortunately not firsthand. You can contact them via in case you would like to purchase tickets. Safe travels!



Thursday 14th of April 2022

To book a ticket do we need to produce the original passport or copy is enough?


Friday 15th of April 2022

Dear Hussain,

I haven't booked with Al Khanjry Transport myself but I imagine you'll be needing the original passport. Since you're crossing the border in this bus they probably want to make sure you actually can and to do so you need your actuall passport;)

Safe travels! Lotte


Wednesday 19th of January 2022

Hi, just short notice since your page is jumping out on google regarding the bus Muscat - Dubai, so I wanted to leave an update to whoever might need the info.

Al Khanjry is operating 6 am and 3 pm, we went on the trip on 14.1.2022. 3 pm and it was ok.. took us 7 hours since we had a deep search of our bags on the UAE border by police.. though we arrived on time by 11 pm.

The trip is costing now 10 OMR in one way (we didn't ask for a discount since we were desperate not to go by air and no rent a car allowed!) and we bought a week earlier since the tickets are selling out very early and every second seat is empty. We bought it in their office on Ruwi station in Muscat.


Friday 21st of January 2022

Hi Kreso,

Thank you so much for this info, it's really helpful for other travelers who want to take a bus from Muscat to Dubai or vice versa. I've added your info to the top of the article, thanks again for sharing your experience, I really appreciate it!



Saturday 8th of January 2022

Are you asked to provide a PCR test to enter Oman by bus? What if it's from Oman to Dubai?


Monday 10th of January 2022

Hi Nicolas,

I haven't done the border crossing myself since Covid-19 so I can't say with certainty but yes, I expect you will need proof of vaccination as well as a negative PCR test. Your best bet is to check here: for current information.

Safe travels! Lotte