In the Phenomenal Globe Travel Planning Library you can find all the travel planning resources I have created, such as budget breakdown infographics, itineraries, my packing list and other convenient lists. Check it out => you are here because you love travel and you have come to the right place!

I created this section of Phenomenal Globe Travel Blog to help you plan your travels, great that you are here ☺

Below you can check out my library of travel planning resources, such as budget breakdown infographics, itineraries, my packing list and other convenient lists. Every time I create a new travel planning resource I’ll add it to this library. If you are looking for accommodations around the world or my favorite travel gear, check out the Travel Resource Page.

I hope these resources will inspire you to travel and help you plan your trips! Please get in touch if there is a problem with a download or if you have any questions, I love to hear from you! Happy travels!

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  1. I have been browsing your page on your NZ trip. My partner and I are going to be spending 80 days down there starting mid January. I am wondering what you thought of the Rental Car Village campervan? We are going to be on a budget and will spend a lot of our time hiking, fishing and relaxing. Would 80 days be too much for those rentals?

    Also curious if you bought anything extra that proved to be helpful.

    • Wow 80 days in New Zealand, awesome! I was very happy with our camper van from Rental Car Village, the only downside is that there is no area to sit in the camper van (besides in the driver and passenger seat). If the weather is good and you plan on being outside all day, this isn’t a problem. However, if it’s raining you’ll have very limited space inside the van. You’ll need to decide if this would be a problem for you and your partner or not;-).

      We bought 2 extra items during our 6 week trip:
      1. A little stove top espresso maker => we love coffee but coffee in a cafe is expensive in New Zealand and making our own saved us a lot of money
      2. A cheese slicer => perhaps it’s because I’m from the Netherlands, but I love cheese;-). Buying a big block of cheese is cheaper than sliced cheese.

      Hope this helps! Let me know if you have more questions:-) And most of all, have a great trip!
      xx Lotte

  2. Thank you for sharing this inspiring travel blog. You should try to visit Taiwan one day. It’s a destination not to be missed.
    I only managed to travel to Taipei, the capital of Taiwan and also TaiChung another city located in the mid section of Taiwan. There are many beautiful natural sceneary in the East and South of Taiwan which I haven’t visited like Alisan, Hua Lian, Yi Lan.

    • Taiwan is high on my bucket list and I hope to travel there in 2017! Thanks for the advice:-)

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