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Where am I now?

After a year long trip around the world Frank and I are now back in the Netherlands. In July 2018 we had a beautiful baby boy, so we'll be traveling as a family from now on! We still have a very long list of 'Places We Would Love To Visit' so who knows where we will end up going in the future... I'll keep you posted!

Travel Timeline

.1987-2004: I am very lucky with parents who took me and my sisters on fantastic family travels through Europe. We went camping most of the time, changing location every couple of days. I still love this style of travelling, back to basic and being able to pack up your things and leave for the next destination. I have so many fond memories of these holidays!
Turkey 2005June 2005: my first holiday alone, well, without my parents. After graduating high school I went to Bodrum in Turkey with a couple of friends. Being 2 months short of turning 18 my parents actually had to sign several forms giving me permission to go on this trip, luckily, they did.
Turkey 2006July 2006: I returned to Turkey in the summer of 2006, again with a couple of friends. A fun and sunny week in Antalya.
CreteSeptember 2007: a week on Crete, Greece. The first trip my boyfriend (and since 2009 husband) and I took with just the two of us. Sweet memories.
BarcelonaFebruary – June 2008: studying in Barcelona for five months. It was my first time being in a foreign country for an extended period of time and I loved it! Speaking Spanish, making lots of international friends, sunny weather every day, eating tapas every night and a little bit of studying on the side;-)
MadridJuly 2008: an epic three week road trip around the Northern half of Spain, including visits to Madrid and Toledo’. The holiday my road trip addiction was born…
Croatia 2008October 2008: a week on a sailboat in Croatia. Never in my life have I seen such clear water (except 7 years later at Tioman). At one point I thought the boat was going to hit the ground while the navigation system said the depth was over 30ft… That’s how clear the water was!
FuerteventuraNovember 2009: Honeymoon! With my husband obviously;) After a wonderful wedding we had a relaxing honeymoon on Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Isles. A very special trip.
SchotlandMay 2010: a short trip to Scotland which was my first visit to the U.K. I loved Loch Lomond and Edinburgh, I drank cider for the first time in my life (jummie, why don’t we have this in the Netherlands) and visited a whiskey distillery.
ItalyOctober 2010: a week in Italy topped off with a weekend in Rome. I absolutely love Italy... The people, the language, the food, the climate, the incredible amount of history and beautiful old buildings. Love it!
Alhambra SpainJuly 2011: another fun road trip, driving 7000km in three weeks! Discovering the South of Spain (with the Alhambra in Granada and Seville as my personal highlights), the coast of Portugal and including a two-day flash visit to Morocco. So much fun!
London 2011October 2011: a weekend in London and I fell head over heels in love with the city! Little did I know back then that I would end up living there…
MallorcaAugust 2012: two weeks on Mallorca. I was totally surprised to discover Mallorca is not just a party island, it’s actually really beautiful! I can absolutely recommended renting a car to explore the island!
FranceApril 2013: a short road trip to Bretagne with a visit to St. Malo, the cutest village ever, as the absolute highlight.
London 2013May – August 2013: living in London for four months, awesome! Since I already knew I would start a new job in September I used this opportunity to thoroughly explore the city. I absolutely loved it, London is my all-time favorite Western city.
PragueNovember 2013: a city trip to Prague, a beautiful city with a rough edge to it. One building can be spotlessly clean while the building next to it is blackened and crumbling to pieces. Definitely an intriguing city with a lot of history.
Sardegna 2014September 2014: a week on Sardinia wasn’t nearly enough time to discover this gorgeous island in the Mediterranean Sea.
Lake MathesonJanuary – May 2015: a lifelong dream and the trip that caused me to start this blog: a five-month trip to New Zealand, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Singapore and Malaysia. Best thing I have ever done in my life.
London 2015August 2015: a 5-day visit to my beloved London and falling in love with the city all over again. Revisiting old favorites and discovering new ones.
AzoresSeptember 2015: a last-minute escape to the sun… A wonderful trip to Sao Miguel, the Azores, Portugal. One of the most beautiful islands I have ever seen!
ParisNovember 2015: I arrived in Paris on Friday the 13th of November, the day of the awful terrorist attacks. An emotional weekend that I will remember for the rest of my life.
Cuba classic car old buildingMarch 2016: visiting Cuba was very special. I traveled to this fascinating country with my mom and I was touched by the friendliness of the people and their sense of community. They may not have much but they share what they have with each other. The country but mostly the people have a special place in my heart.
Matsumae Castle JapanApril - May 2016: I traveled to Japan, country of the rising sun, and was blown away by the gorgeous nature, the friendly and helpful people, the delicious food and the interesting culture of the country where East meets West. 4 seasons in 1 month and countless experiences made this a very memorable trip!
Tajo del Aguila view Spain Andalusia road tripJune 2016: I took an impromptu trip to Andalusia to spend a couple of days with my parents on their road trip around Spain and Portugal. In 3 wonderful and relaxed days I visited cute whitewashed villages, gorgeous national parks and stunning Seville. - August 2016: I returned to Southeast Asia and upon arriving in Thailand the food, heat&humidity, temples, people, organized chaos and unmistakable smell of incense brought back so many happy memories of my 5 month trip! Exploring Sukhothai and Ayuthaya were definite highlights, as was relaxing on tiny Koh Samet.
Croatia sunriseSeptember 2016: I went sailing around the Central Dalmatian Archipelago in Croatia for a week and absolutely loved exploring the islands Hvar, Vis, Biševo and Brač! Wonderful clear water, beautiful bays for snorkeling and some of the cutest villages I have ever seen…
October 2016: for our 7-year wedding anniversary my husband and I made a 5-day road trip around Ireland with a camper van. We were extremely lucky with the weather and loved exploring this amazing island together!
How I Combined 87 Days Of Travel With A Full-time Job In 2016January 2017 - January 2018: Frank and I traveled around the world for a year. We didn't plan an itinerary beforehand and just went where we wanted to go. We ended up visiting 11 countries (10 new): the U.A.E., Sri Lanka, Oman, Nepal, Malaysia, Taiwan, Canada, the U.S.A., Indonesia, Australia and Iceland. It was absolutely amazing to travel for so long, ultimate freedom!
London - Clapham CommonApril 2018: we went on a weekend trip to my favorite city in the world to catch up with friends. The weather was great, as is always is when we visit London, and it was good to be back in this vibrant city
Luxembourg city - view from the Casemates du BockMay 2018: Frank and I went on a babymoon (apparently that's a thing) to Luxembourg. It was the last trip we took with the two of us, on all our future trips our baby boy Daniel will accompany us! Despite being 31 weeks pregnant I did quite a lot of sightseeing in this tiny but lovely country.
London - Clapham CommonApril 2018: we went on a weekend trip to my favorite city in the world to catch up with friends. The weather was great, as is always is when we visit London, and it was good to be back in this vibrant city
Acropolis view from the Temple of Zeus in AthensOctober 2018: Our first family trip! We went to Greece for 2 weeks with our 3 month old baby boy Daniel. Our trip included a week of sailing around the Ionian Sea, sightseeing in Athens and relaxing on Agistri (a tiny island in the Saronic Gulf).

PS. I did not include them in my travel timeline but every winter I go skiing in Switzerland or Austria. I absolutely love skiing and every year again I am blown away by the sensational surroundings.

skiing in Austria

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