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• In an age where travelers are increasingly using internet and trusted voices to research their next holiday destinations, partnering with Phenomenal Globe Travel Blog is a unique opportunity to increase the long-term exposure of your brand or destination.

• I started Phenomenal Globe Travel Blog because I have a true passion for what I do. I write because I love travel and everything related to it. No forced or insincere writing will be found on my website.

• By writing engaging articles and by being open and honest, I have built trust amongst and a relationship with my readers.

• I am used to a very high professional standard. For the past 6 years I have worked (and I still am working) in the corporate world at well established companies. You can find more information and recommendations from people I worked with on my LinkedIn page. I always strive for the best result possible, be it in my day job or with regards to my blog.

How can we work together?

It is my mission to inspire people to travel more and help them plan their trips. I belief in building long-term partnerships with brands I feel support the mission of Phenomenal Globe Travel Blog, in order to provide maximum value for the partnership company as well as my readers.

Partnership/sponsorship possibilities can include

• Affiliate Partnerships
• Brand Ambassadorships
• Contest and/or Giveaway Collaborations
• (Multi)Day Tours and Activities
• Hotel Reviews*
• Press Trips*
• Social Media Campaigns
• Sponsored Posts
• Transport partnerships
• Travel Gear Reviews
I usually do these collaborations with my travel partner & photographer: Frank

Regarding Advertisement Banners, I very rarely accept these as I feel they are mostly a distraction for my readers. I will only make an exception when I feel there is an excellent match between my brand and that of the advertiser and the advertised products and/or services provides value to my readers.

Upcoming travel plans

I have always loved travel but since getting back from my 5 month trip to Southeast Asia and New Zealand in 2015, my wanderlust has taken fully taken over. For one and a half year I successfully combined a full-time job in finance with traveling the world. I made amazing trips to Cuba, Japan, Thailand and several countries in Europe. But I couldn't help wanting more... I want to travel as much as possible because there are so many beautiful and exciting places in the world!

And so my unstoppable wanderlust had led to a drastic decision...

My husband and I both handed in our resignation at work and from January we’ll be traveling around the world without a return ticket! We start our trip in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, from there we’ll travel to Sri Lanka. Other countries I am considering visiting are Oman, Nepal, Taiwan and Australia. But I have a very long list of 'Places I Would Love To Visit' so who knows where I will end up going...

If you represent a travel-related company in any of the areas listed above (or others, I am always open to exploring new and unknown places!), please get in touch to discuss possible sponsorships. I would love to help promote your brand to my readers!

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Comments from my readers

Silvie: How amazing to read your blog as we are planning our 42 day trip to New Zealand in 2017. Great job, lots of answers to my budget questions. Our pace will be a little slower and our route a little less extensive but will be sure to cover your highlights on North and South island. I’m sure our adventure will be even richer thanks to your great tips. Thanks and congratulations for a great inspiration!

Kirby: Hi Lotte! I just wanted to thank you for posting such a detailed review of your experience with a campervan, especially with Rental Car Village! I looked at about a gazillion different campervan hires in NZ but was ultimately convinced by this post to change our plans a bit and rent from RCV. Even with a one-way rental and a ferry ride, it’ll come out cheaper than our original plan, so thank you! We’re traveling in April and just can’t wait. 🙂

Questions from my readers I helped with

Kira: I am reading your blog and it's very helpful. We are leaving for Auckland in 2 weeks. I’m very curious about the Jailhouse Accommodation, I would like to know how far it is from the city center? Can you help me out?

Ren: Greetings! My husband and I are planning for a two week road trip of our own on the North Island of New Zealand, and I came across your blog while doing some planning/research. We'll also be in a camper van. I'm wondering which road maps or road atlas you used when traveling there. Many thanks in advance!