Ireland Autumn Packing List For A Campervan Road Trip

Ireland In Autumn: My Packing List For A 5 Day Campervan Road Trip

In October I went to Ireland and made an awesome 5 day road trip. Driving around in our campervan, my husband and I explored part of the Wild Atlantic Way on the west coast of Ireland. And wow, Ireland is a beautiful country.

Traveling by campervan means you don’t have to continuously lug around your stuff which is great. However, that didn’t mean I took a lot of stuff with me on my trip. Well, I could have taken even less had I read my Bunk Campervan information more carefully. I had taken a lot of camping stuff, turned out I didn’t need it as it was provided by Bunk.

Oh the trouble this could have saved me… I had ‘some’ check-in problems with Ryanair because of my camping stuff, read more below about my Ryanair rant. Anyway, on to the point of this post, my Ireland packing list.

Cliffs of Moher Ireland Campervan Road Trip

The perfect Ireland packing list for autumn

I carried both my Deuter ACT Lite 50 + 10 Backpack and my beloved Nomad Topaz 20liter day bag. Here’s what I wore/what was in my bags:

Clothes and shoes


• Warm ski jacket (Ireland can be cold, windy and rainy, though on our trip is certainly wasn’t)
• 1 zipper hoodie
• 1 thermal long sleeve (I slept in my thermal outfit)
• 1 fleece sweater
• 1 short-sleeved t-shirt
• 1 hiking shirt
• 1 strap top
• Rain poncho (I expected to use this full-time in rainy Ireland but  we were extremely lucky with the weather. So I didn’t even take my poncho out of the pack. Nevertheless, I would still take this with me on my next trip to Ireland…)


• 1 pair of hiking pants
• 1 pair of skinny jeans
• 1 pair of thermal leggings (I slept in my thermal outfit)
• 5 pair of hiking socks
• Enough underwear


Lowa Lady Light GTX (read my review here)


• Hair brush and hair ties
• Deodorant
• Contacts and glasses
• Mascara
• Make-up remover
• Toothbrush and toothpaste
Lush solid shampoo bar
• Band-Aids


• Passport
• Debit card
• Credit card
• A bit of cash, though we could pretty much pay with our Maestro card everywhere.


Travel adapter
Mobile phone
12V socket charger
Kobo Glo e-reader


• Ear plugs and eye mask (not necessary, it was quiet and dark in our campervan)
• Scarf
• Sunglasses
Lonely Planet Ireland

Camping gear

• Dish towel
• Travel towel (not necessary, provided by Bunk Campers)
• Sleeping bag (not necessary, provided by Bunk Campers)
• Travel pillow (not necessary, provided by Bunk Campers)

Looking back, I didn’t need to take all the camping stuff as this was provided by Bunk. All my Ryanair troubles could have been avoided… Anyway, you can download my packing list as a pdf file by clicking the download button.

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Convenient packing list tool

Ireland In Autumn: My Packing List For A 5 Day Campervan Road Trip

I came across this awesome packing list tool, you insert the details of your trip and it automatically creates a packing list! You can find the tool here. With some slight adjustments I used this tool to create my Ireland packing list.

Now, if you were only interested in the packing list you can stop reading now ;-). If you have also traveled with Ryanair and wondered why the #$%& you fell into their trap again, continue reading. After all, misery loves company.

Downloadable pfd with the perfect Ireland packing list for a 5 day trip in autumn. Check which items to pack and which items to leave at home! #Ireland #packinglist #travelpackingDownloadable pfd with the perfect Ireland packing list for a 5 day trip in autumn. Check which items to pack and which items to leave at home! #Ireland #packinglist #travelpacking

Why Ryanair sucks…

I flew to Dublin with Ryanair, something I generally try to avoid because as much as I like low fares, I sincerely despise the way Ryanair seems to make it their mission to be as NON-customer friendly as possible.

I mean, I get that I have to pay for additional items, I understand that’s their business model. But does their staff have to be so hostile? No smiles, no hello, no thank you when you hand over your boarding card. Kindness is free right? Well, doesn’t seem that way with Ryanair.

Forgive my rant, I was just really frustrated with them. Why you might wonder? Well, I had booked 15kg of checked luggage for our camping gear. These items weigh next to nothing but were too bulky to fit into our carry-on luggage.

I wasn’t sure if I could bring 2 bags as long as the combined weight was under 15kg and to make sure I wouldn’t run into troubles upon check-in I contacted Ryanair chat. The employee answering my chat reassured me that as long as I didn’t take more than 15kg it didn’t matter in how many bags those kilograms were.

Yeah, that didn’t turn out to be correct information. When my husband and I handed over our boarding cards at the Ryanair bag-drop counter the lady manning the desk angrily pointed out that I wasn’t allowed to check in 2 bags. Luckily I had taken a screenshot of my chat conversation and I showed this to her.

We were asked to go to the Ryanair helpdesk. This is where I met the only friendly employee working at Ryanair. She went out of her way to help us as she agreed I had been misinformed but shouldn’t have to pay extra for checking another bag. After all, it was a Ryanair employee who had told me it wouldn’t be a problem.

She had to call to the U.K. office no less than 3 times to explain the problem and finally get the approval to check another bag (without charges). I cannot stress enough how helpful she was. Even her boss in the U.K. didn’t seem to care at all about improving our terrible customer experience.

Now, I rarely complain about companies but I was shocked at the total lack of customer orientation I experienced at this flight with Ryanair.

Long story short: we got to take both our bags without additional payment. We had to go through the entire charade again on the return journey, because the note that was supposed to be added to our booking about us having an extra bag got lost (surprise surprise).

Ireland packing list

Luckily the views from the sky were beautiful as ever and quickly made me forget my first-world problems?.

Lesson learned: no more Ryanair for me…
What’s your worst experience with an airline?

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