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25 Best Things To Do In Drumheller: A Day Trip Itinerary

Have you heard of Drumheller? To be honest, I had not before visiting this spectacular area in Alberta. The Canadian Rockies tend to get all the attention (granted, they are magnificent), but I really like Drumheller as well.

There are many things to do in Drumheller, from interesting museums to hiking around unique landscapes.

If you've never seen Badlands before, Drumheller is an incredible place to be as you can find Badlands XXL here. The rock formations are absolutely amazing.

What's more, Drumheller is famous for all the dinosaur bones that have been found in the area (it's called the Dinosaur Capital of the World!).

The Royal Tyrrell Museum just outside the town of Drumheller is one of the most important paleontology museums on the planet.

Read along for more excellent Drumheller activities!

The best things to do in Drumheller

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Looking for the best things to do in Drumheller? This Drumheller itinerary with printable map will help you plan your Drumheller trip in no time. Drive the Dinosaur and the Hoodoo Trail, visit the Royal Tyrrel Museum, marvel at the World’s Largest Dinosaur and tackle one of the hikes in the Horsethief Canyon, Midland Provincial Park or Horseshoe Canyon. Quirky Drumheller, Alberta is definitely a destination to add to your Canada itinerary! |
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Map of Drumheller attractions

We spent a couple of days in Drumheller and the surrounding area, but if you are short on time you can manage to see #1-15 on this list on a day trip from Calgary (you'll need to start early though!).

That being said, I highly recommend spending at least 2 days in Drumheller, more if you've got the time…

Click here for the interactive map.

What to do in Drumheller: 25 epic places to visit

  1. Visit Horseshoe Canyon
  2. Climb the World’s Largest Dinosaur
  3. Explore the Royal Tyrrell Museum
  4. Follow the Badlands Interpretive Trail
  5. Drive the North & South Dinosaur Trail 
  6. Find peace at the Little Church
  7. Hike the Horsethief Canyon
  8. Hop on the Bleriot Ferry
  9. Stop at Orkney Viewpoint
  10. Drive the Hoodoos Trail
  11. Visit the ghost town Wayne
  12. Walk across the Star Mine Suspension Bridge
  13. Marvel at the Drumheller Hoodoos
  14. Visit East Coulee School Museum
  15. Explore the Atlas Coal Mine (National Historic site)
  16. Enjoy a delicious breakfast at WHIFS
  17. Relax at Riverside Park
  18. Have a coffee at Tim Hortons
  19. Visit the Homestead Antique Museum
  20. Grab a burger at the Boys Bistro
  21. Follow the Drumheller DinoWalk
  22. Watch the Canadian Badlands Passion Play
  23. Visit Barney’s Adventure Park
  24. Explore Dinosaur Provincial Park
  25. Enjoy a show at the Rosebud Theatre
Horsethief Canyon Drumheller

Best places to stay in Drumheller

Further down the post, you can read more details about where to stay in Drumheller, but here is a convenient table with the most important information you need to book the best Drumheller accommodation for your trip.

NameAccommodation typeDistance to downtownPrice indicationBook/find
Canalta Jurassic3-star hotel2km200 CADClick here
Ramada by Wyndham3-star hotel1.5km220 CADClick here
Walmart parking lotFree place to park2.7kmfreeCheck iOverlander
Severn Dam ReservoirFree place to park47kmfreeCheck iOverlander
Dinosaur Trails RV ResortOfficial campground11km50-80 CADWebsite
Dinosaur RV ParkOfficial campground1km55-65 CADWebsite

Drumheller tourist attractions part I: Drumheller city center and around

1. Horseshoe Canyon

Horseshoe Canyon Drumheller

I already mentioned the Drumheller area is a great place to explore because it's in the heart of the Canadian Badlands.

An ideal place to see the Badlands is at the Horseshoe Canyon, which was shaped by a glacier.

There is a trail leading into the Canyon, so you can get up close to the beautiful formations. Be sure to stick to the trails and wear a hat during the summer months, it can get pretty hot.

Visiting Horseshoe Canyon is free.

2. World's Largest Dinosaur

The World's Largest Dinosaur in Drumheller Alberta Canada

Besides the Badlands, Drumheller is a Dinosaur galore, thousands and thousands of bones have been found in the region and dinosaur statues are everywhere.

Climb on the World's Largest Dinosaur in Drumheller - view through the teeth of a T-Rex

The biggest of them all is the 25 meters tall T-Rex located in Drumheller Center. You can climb to the top of the dino and look through its teeth for a great view.

The entrance fee for the World's Largest Dinosaur is $4 CAD per person.

3. The Royal Tyrrell Museum

The Royal Tyrell Museum is home to one of the world’s largest collections of dinosaur bones, dinosaur skeletons, and dinosaur fossils (it's even in the Guinness Book of World Records).

It's a magnificent museum and one of the best dinosaur museums in the world, if not the best.

We spent an entire morning in the museum and I could have stayed much longer, there are so many interesting displays and interactive exhibits…

So embrace your inner Ross and set aside plenty of time to explore this amazing museum!

Don't forget to pick up a fun souvenir at the gift shop (note: if you're traveling with kids, it'll be hard to tear them away from all the dinosaur toys and collectibles).

The entrance fee for the world-class Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology is $21 CAD per adult ($10 CAD for children between 7-17).

4. Badlands Interpretive Trail

Once you're done visiting the Royal Tyrrell Museum, set some time aside to complete the 1.4 km Badlands Interpretive Trail leading through Midland Provincial Park.

It's an easy and flat loop and you can read the signs along the way to learn more about the Badlands and the Hoodoos. This is also a great activity for families visiting Drumheller with kids.

Drumheller things to do part II: the North & South Dinosaur trail

5. The North & South Dinosaur trail

The Little Church (#6), Horsethief Canyon (#7), Bleriot Ferry (#8), and Orkney Viewpoint (#9) are located along the North & South Dinosaur Trail (Hwy 838 and Hwy 575).

6. The Little Church


This little Church (okay, tiny church) is seating 10,000 people (6 at a time). It's a very cute building, however, it's not just a tourist attraction.

Drumheller's Little Church was designed as a place of worship and meditation and is also used as such.

Visiting the Little Church is free.

7. Horsethief Canyon

Horsethief Canyon - Drumheller

There are several juicy tales about the Horsethief Canyon. One story is that back in the days of the big ranches, horses wandered into the canyon with a certain branding symbol but walked out with another and therefore ‘suddenly' had a different owner.

Another story is that horses being smuggled between the U.S.A. and Canada were hidden in this canyon. Nobody knows for sure which myth is true…

In any case, it's a beautiful canyon and we made a short hike down to the river, through the grasslands next to the imposing Badlands.

Visiting Horsethief Canyon is free.

8. Bleriot Ferry

The Bleriot Ferry in Drumheller Canada

The Bleriot Ferry is a small ferry (13 cars max) across the Red Deer River.

This 105-meter and 8-minute ride may be short, but keep in mind this ferry has been in service since 1913 and is one of the last cable-operated ferries in Canada!

The Bleriot Ferry is free. For more information check the Transportation Alberta website.

9. Orkney Viewpoint

Orkney viewpoint on the South Dinosaur Trail Drumheller

I know you've already seen some pretty spectacular scenery at the Badlands at Horseshoe Canyon and Horsethief Canyon.

However, at Orkney viewpoint, you can see the Badlands AND the Red Deer River valley. Definitely worth a quick visit!

Also, washroom facilities have recently been installed at the viewpoint so it's also a perfect place for those needing a sanitary stop.

Orkney Viewpoint is free.

Drumheller highlights – part III: The Hoodoo trail

10. Drive the Hoodoo trail

Wayne village (#11), the Star Mine Suspension Bridge (#12), the Hoodoos (#13), the East Coulee School Museum (#14), and the Atlas Coal Mine (#15) are located along the Hoodoo trail (Hwy 56 and Hwy 10). 

11. Ghost town Wayne

Wayne ghost town in Alberta Canada - Hoodoo trail Drumheller

A nice detour on the Hoodoo trail is Wayne. On the 6km scenic drive to the ghost town, you'll cross 11 one-lane bridges over the Rosebud River.

Wayne is a typical old (and pretty much deserted) coal-mining town, back in the mining days its population was over 2000.

The current population is 28 people, the small town has a legendary pub (called the Last Chance Saloon), a campground, and not much else.

Fun fact: the hotel at The Last Chance Saloon has been published in many articles and books for being haunted!

Visiting Wayne is free.

12. Star Mine Suspension Bridge

I'll admit that after the description in Lonely Planet (not a bridge not for the faint of heart!) my expectations for this pedestrian bridge may have been a little too high.

Or perhaps my overdose of wobbly suspension bridges during our EBC trek in Nepal finally made me overcome my fear of heights. In any case, I didn't find the Rosedale Suspension Bridge very scary.

Nevertheless, it's a fun stop to add to your Drumheller trip itinerary. Plus the view over the Drumheller valley from the hilltop across the river is beautiful!

Visiting the Star Mine Suspension Bridge is free.

Note: the Rosedale Suspension Bridge is currently closed due to concerns about it's safety. Repairs will take place as soon as possible, I'll keep you updated here.

13. Hoodoos

Hoodoos Drumheller on the Hoodoo trail

In the Alberta Badlands, you'll find plenty of hoodoos. What is a Hoodoo you may wonder?

Hoodoos are peculiar-looking pillars of sand with a stone cap. This hard cap protects the soft sandy column below. However, if the cap falls off, the Hoodoo is quickly eroded away by wind and rain…

Visiting the Hoodoos is free.

14. East Coulee School Museum

East Coulee School Museum - Hoodoo Trail Drumheller in Alberta

East Coulee is another ‘ghost' town, though there are still living around 160 people today.

However, back in the 1940s, its population numbered 3800 and the school in East Coulee was very important to the region.

The children of the miners working in the Atlas and Empire coal mines went to school here, but when the mines closed down, so did the school.

Old school bus at the East Coulee School Museum

However, in 1985 the school reopened as a museum, in the museum you can find interesting displays about the lives of the people who lived in this little miners' town. You can find more information about the museum on the official website.

The entrance fee for the East Coulee School Museum is $7 CAD per person.

15. Atlas Coal Mine

The Atlas Coal Mine National Historic site

The Atlas Coal Mine was built in 1936 and was in use until 1984. Nowadays the mine is a National Historical Site.

You can explore the original mine buildings, which is a great way to learn more about the life of the coal miners.

Or take a tour of the last wooden coal tipple in the country. There is also a guided tour into the mine tunnel, but as I'm a bit claustrophobic I passed…

Visit the Atlas Coal Mine website for more information.

Atlas coal mine - the last wooden coal tipple in Canada

If you've got more time to spend in Drumheller

16. Enjoy a delicious breakfast at WHIFS

Reader Carrie sent me a piece of excellent insider info that I'm happy to share with you. If you're looking for one of the best places to have breakfast in Drumheller, definitely stop at WHIFS.

With their extensive breakfast menu, friendly service, and food made from scratch it's no surprise this place ranks #3 on Tripadvisor for best restaurants in Drumheller.

Whifs Flapjack House is situated just outside of town along the North Dinosaur Trail.
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17. Relax at Riverside Park

Spend some time at Riverside Park, a lovely green spot next to Michichi Creek. There is a small playground, a short dirt trail, and a picnic area with picnic tables.

Drumheller can get quite hot during the summer months, but there is plenty of shade at Riverside Park making it a nice spot for a quick break.

18. Have a coffee at Tim Hortons

Coffee cup Tim Hortons

We got addicted to Tim Hortons during our Canada road trip. The coffee is great, there is free Wi-Fi and the sandwiches/wraps are tasty too.

19. Visit the Homestead Antique Museum

If you like antiques and learning about the life of the original homesteaders that came to Drumheller, pay a visit to the Homestead Antique Museum.

Check out the Eaton’s Catalogue house, an original Bleriot ferry, old tractors, and thousands of other artifacts from times long gone.

The museum is found just outside of Drumheller, along the N Dinosaur Trail.

20. Grab a burger at the Boys Bistro

Love burgers? Like, really, really, really love burgers? Try the Mammoth burger at the Boys Bistro, one of the most popular local restaurants in Drumheller.

But be warned, the burger is HUGE… How big of a burger we're talking about? Check out pictures of their infamous burger on Tripadvisor

They also sell ice cream and around 75 different Milkshake flavors.

21. Follow the Drumheller DinoWalk


A fun way to explore Drumheller on foot, especially with kids, is by following the Drumheller Dino Walk.

There are 20 dinosaurs statues ‘hidden' around town, the remains of these species have all been found in the area around Drumheller.

Check this map for the location of the statues, most are only a short walk from the huge T-Rex (#2). If you're traveling with younger kids, you may want to use a car for the statues a bit further out of town.

22. Watch the Canadian Badlands Passion Play

Every year in July, the Badlands Passion Play is performed daily (for approximately 2 weeks) place in Drumheller. This religious play tells the story of Jesus Christ in an entertaining and accessible way.

It's a very popular play, so if your visit happens to coincide with this unique Drumheller activity, be sure to order tickets online as they sell out fast.

The play is performed in the Badlands Amphitheatre, a natural amphitheater situated a mere 5-minute drive from downtown Drumheller.

23. Visit Barney's Adventure Park

This one is (mostly) for those on a Drumheller family vacation. Skip the Cactus Coulee Fun Park (it's been getting low ratings on Tripadvisor for years) and head to Barney's Adventure Park instead!

Kids will have a blast here and because the day pass gives you access for an entire day, you can come and go as you please.

There is a Dinosaur Walk, a fun obstacle course, a petting zoo, Go Karts and so much more. Read more about the park here and be sure to include Barney's Adventure Park in your Drumheller itinerary with kids.

Day trips from Drumheller

24. Explore Dinosaur Provincial Park


If you’ve got 3 days in Drumheller and don’t mind a bit of driving, definitely visit Dinosaur Provincial Park.

Dinosaur Provincial Park is located 165 km southeast of Drumheller and it takes around 1 hour 40 min) by car to get there. It's more than worth the effort though, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the top places to visit in Canada.

The dinosaurs that lived in North America during the Cretaceous period are the ones who always feature in all the dinosaur movies, from Jurassic Park to Ice Age (think T-Rex, Triceratops, and those creepy velociraptors who hunt in packs).

It's in Dinosaur Provincial Park where some of the most important dinosaur discoveries in history were made.

Excavators found lots of dinosaur remains that are now on display in museums all around the world. Hike one of the trails in the Park or join one of the interpretive tours led by knowledgeable park rangers.

Important: please note that while you may find actual dinosaur fossils or bone fragments, it's strictly forbidden to take these with you.

25. Enjoy a show at the Rosebud Theatre

While the Rosebud Theatre isn't located in Drumheller (as you may have guessed, it's actually in Rosebud;-). However, it's only a short distance from Drumheller (36 km) which you can cover in less than 30 minutes.

Check what's on at the Rosebud Theatre website, put on a dress or suit up (if you like, casual attire is fine too), and enjoy a wonderful night out.

Practical places in Drumheller

Besides all the highlights mentioned above, I included a couple of practical places on the map as well.

  • Drumheller Visitor Information Centre: a great spot to start your Drumheller trip and get some information (and a paper map) about the area from the experts. Plus, the visitor center is next to the giant Dinosaur so you'll probably go there anyway. Another great resource to prepare for your trip to Drumheller is the official Visit Drumheller website.
  • Badlands Community Facility: we spent some time in the library (free WiFi!) and paid 2 CAD per person (including towels!) to take a shower in the recreation center. Very convenient if you're traveling in a campervan without a bathroom.
  • Extra Foods: there are several grocery stores in Drumheller and because Walmart didn't sell any vegetables, we went to Extra Foods instead. A cheap supermarket that sells pretty much everything you need!

Where to stay in Drumheller

Best hotels in Drumheller

If you're looking for a nice hotel in Drumheller, I recommend staying at the Canalta Jurassic or the Ramada by Wyndham.

Mind you, I haven't stayed here myself (we were camping, read more below) but these properties are rated 8+ on I've carefully checked the reviews and pictures to make sure it's a hotel I'd be happy to book myself.

The rooms at the Canalta Jurassic are spacious and clean, people who have stayed here especially love the friendliness of the staff.

For families with kids, the Ramada by Wyndham is a wonderful option because of the large indoor pool with a waterslide.

Book the Canalta Jurassic | Book the Ramada hotel

Free campgrounds near Drumheller

It's very easy to find free campsites in Canada, just make sure not to stay anywhere that has a ‘No overnight parking or camping’ sign.

We found most of our free camp spots on the (free) iOverlander app. We spent a couple of nights in and near Drumheller and stayed at 2 spots.

Walmart parking lot

Sunset from Walmart Parking in Drumheller

The Walmart parking lot is always a nice backup option if there is no better (free) place to stay around. The upside about staying at a Walmart is you can use the bathroom during store hours.

Convenient to brush your teeth, refill your water bottles with potable water, and empty your bladder. Plus, you can do some shopping while you're there.

The downside is Walmart parking lots aren't the most scenic places to stay. Though the one in Drumheller is actually rather nice, there are Badlands adjacent to the parking lot and we saw a beautiful sunset during our stay.

Severn Dam Reservoir

Severn Dam Reservoir near Drumheller Alberta

On our way up to Drumheller (from Calgary), we took a little detour and ended up staying at this nice little spot.

There is a pit toilet and a dumpster, but nothing else. It is very quiet though and the views over the reservoir are lovely.

Both of these sites are free, perfect if you are traveling to Canada on a budget!

Drumheller RV parks

If you prefer staying at an official campground near Drumheller, there are several good options to choose from.

Dinosaur Trails RV Resort & Cabins

Dinosaur Trails RV Resort has over 200 sites for campervans, RVs, and tents as well as a couple of cabins. You'll also find the only heated outdoor swimming pool at this Drumheller RV camping, as well as a playground, laundromat, and recreation hall.

Dinosaur RV Park

Dinosaur RV Park has an excellent location and is within walking distance of the World’s Largest Dinosaur.

There are clean washrooms and shower facilities, free Wi-Fi, a laundromat, a mini-golf, and a small convenience store.

Check the Travel Drumheller site for more information and more Drumheller campgrounds.

Yellow field Drumheller Alberta Canada

How to get to Drumheller?

Though you can get to Drumheller by Greyhound bus, I highly recommend getting your own transportation. By car Drumheller is only a 90-minute drive from Calgary.

Rent a car or campervan, or buy one if you are on a long-term road trip around Canada.

Most of the things to see in Drumheller mentioned in this post are outside of the town itself and having your own wheels makes getting around much easier.

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Drumheller itinerary: in conclusion

I hope you enjoyed this Drumheller travel itinerary and it will help you plan your Drumheller vacation, no matter if you're visiting for a day, a long weekend, or even a week!

We really enjoyed the scenic area, especially because we had never seen badlands before. Drumheller has a laid-back vibe, which makes it one of those places where you end up staying a lot longer than planned…

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This post was updated in June 2022.


Tuesday 14th of May 2019

Might I also mention the hotel at The Last Chance Saloon has been published in many articles and books for being haunted. If you want a great breakfast then stop at WHIFS, on North Dinosaur Trail on your way out to the museum.


Saturday 25th of May 2019

Hey Carrie,

Thank you for this interesting bit of trivia, I didn't know! I'll be sure to add your breakfast advice to the post:-)



Monday 29th of April 2019

Great article! You have a typo or correction, Bleriot Ferry crosses the Red Deer River. It is actually a great float river because of its slow current and very scenic.


Thursday 2nd of May 2019

Hi Cathy,

Thank you for reading and for letting me know about the right name of the Red Deer River! I've adjusted this in the post:-) Happy travels,



Monday 30th of October 2017

Excellent! The sheer size of Canada still amazes me - as a pilot I quite often fly over Canada and marvel at its size and beauty from above.


Tuesday 31st of October 2017

Haha even in a plane it takes quite a while to fly over Canada;-). But it must be an amazing sight... So many mountains (and snow in the winter!). Would love to see that from the cockpit!!!