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Custom Travel Itinerary Service

Make your dream trip come true!

Does this sound familiar?

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You dread your next (family) holiday instead of looking forward to it. The thought of mapping out your trip stresses you out so much you’d rather stay at home.


You spend hours behind your computer or on your phone to put together the perfect trip but you’re struggling to create a feasible itinerary.


You hate doing all the research, comparing hotel prices, rental car companies, and tours. They all seem similar but you want to make sure to choose the best one.

What if… you could just sit back and relax and let someone else (aka me) do all the planning and research?

Taipei skyline at dusk

Tell me how you like to travel, about your travel style and favorite activities, and I will put together a fully customized travel itinerary for you!

What’s included?

A 60-minute Zoom call to discuss your trip

Dream trip

A fully customized dream trip itinerary


One revision of the original concept itinerary


A detailed itinerary PDF guide with links and travel info

Email support

Email support before your trip

How much does it cost?

  • $297 $197 (autumn deal 2022) for up to 10 days
  • If your trip is longer than 10 days, ask for a custom quote.

Kathy (traveled to Rome with a customized itinerary): I had booked a trip to Rome, but was super busy with life and work – with little time for travel research and planning. Enter Lotte.

We had an initial consultation on Skype where she asked me lots of good questions about my likes, habits, and needs regarding my upcoming trip. Soon afterward, she sent me a packet of information including everything we talked about and more: a flexible day-by-day itinerary, options for transfers, tours, day trips, restaurants, etc. – with links. Everything I would have spent considerable time researching myself.

Her plan was comprehensive, but targeted to my wish list and needs, so not overwhelming. It was also well-organized, neat, and easy to use. It really was perfect for my situation – and a big help.

On a personal note, Lotte is clearly an enthusiastic, seasoned traveler and travel planner, so she knows what she’s doing. She’s also a good communicator and listener – and seems like a good, kind person and soul. I am very happy to recommend her and her services to anyone who would benefit. You’ll be glad you did!


How does it work?

Step 1: Click here to order your customized travel itinerary (use the discount code SUMMER2022 to get $100 off the regular price). After making your payment you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to schedule your Dream Trip Planning Session.

Step 2: We meet on Zoom for your Dream Trip Itinerary Planning Session.

Step 3: After our Planning Session, I will create a draft of your Dream Trip itinerary based on everything we have discussed (within 72 hours) – your bucket list, time frame, budget, and travel style. 

Step 4: Carefully review the first draft of your itinerary. Take time to review this draft and send me a list of amendments, concerns, and questions about the route. My Itinerary Planning service includes one revision of your draft itinerary which means we can change the direction of your trip.

If you feel like the itinerary isn’t your dream trip itinerary after one round of revisions, I will do my utmost to accommodate another round of edits. If necessary, we will schedule another Zoom call to discuss some more details.

Step 5: Once you are happy with the route, I will research suitable options for places to stay. I aim to provide 3 different options per location, subject to availability.

Step 6: When my research is complete, I will send you a detailed Dream Trip Itinerary PDF guide with links, travel information for your trip, and a list of suggestions for places to stay on your route.

Silvie (reader of Phenomenal Globe): How amazing to read your blog as we are planning our trip to New Zealand. Great job, lots of answers to my budget questions. We will be sure to cover your highlights on the North and South island. I’m sure our adventure will be even richer thanks to your great tips. Thanks and congratulations for so much inspiration!

Shie (reader of Phenomenal Globe): Hi Lotte, I just wish to show my appreciation for your work. My fiancee and I are going to Hokkaido for a month in 2 weeks’ time. Your advice has been informative, detailed, and helpful. It will be our first time in Hokkaido and I have learned so much from reading your articles. Thank you!

Amy O’Neill, Marketing and Social Media Coordinator at Travellers Autobarn
I’d like to say a huge thank you to Lotte, who worked on a content and social media project with us in December 2017. Lotte traveled down the Australian coast in one of our campervans and provided blog stories, photo and video files, and social media publicity for our company.

Throughout the process, Lotte was highly organized, diligent and communicative, and we are incredibly happy with the quality of the work she produced for us. It is great to see someone so passionate about what they do, thanks very much for collaborating with us, Lotte!

Why should you let me create your perfect travel itinerary

Lotte in wonderland

Hi, I’m Lotte! As an experienced traveler and (almost) compulsive planner, putting travel itineraries together is what I love to do most.

Well, that and actually going on these trips😉

Ask anyone in my family or one of my friends and they will all tell you the same thing: Lotte loves travel, planning, and making lists.

Combine these three things and you get my perfect job: your personal travel planner!

When it comes to planning your perfect trip, I leave no stone unturned. I spend hours searching for the best places to stay and things to do.

Not just the most well-known tourist spots, but also those off-the-beaten-path places that will make your trip unique and unforgettable.

Zach Hammel-Shaver, Online marketing director at the Chillhouse Bali
Working with Lotte was a refreshing experience! Communication was excellent detailed and fast. Lotte makes it very clear what and when things will happen. Not all bloggers are this on top of it, I would absolutely work with her in the future.

Family picture Phenomenal Globe

Questions? Not sure if you should trust a random stranger on the internet?

No problem, I understand! Check my LinkedIn profile where you can read more about me, my (corporate) background, and recommendations from people who worked with me.

Still have questions? Fill out the form below or send an email to lotte at phenomenalglobe dot com and ask away!

I will only create itineraries for countries that I’ve personally visited as I want to make sure you have the best holiday possible. I feel that’s only possible if, besides my thorough research process, I use my personal experience with a destination to create your dream itinerary.

Here you can find the destinations I’ve visited and written about on Phenomenal Globe Trabel Blog. Please reach out to me if you want to order a custom itinerary for a destination not found on the blog, I haven’t written about all our travels (yet).

The fine print

I don’t make any bookings on your behalf since I am not a travel agent. However, in your final itinerary PDF, I will include links to all the accommodation, tours, and services I recommend.

Note that I don’t provide emergency assistance during your trip. Of course, I will do my utmost to answer some questions for you, if you run into any troubles while on the road but I cannot guarantee I will be able to provide short-notice advice.

The data you provide to me will exclusively be used to create your customized itinerary. I will keep this information on file until after your trip, just in case any additional questions come up.