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Guide To The Perhentian Islands: Diving, Snorkeling And Relaxing

The Perhentians is a cluster of small islands about 20km of the Northeast coast of Malaysia. There are 2 main islands: Perhentian Besar (Besar means big) and and Perhentian Kecil (Kecil means small). There are also a couple of smaller, uninhabited islands, many can be visited on snorkeling tours offered on Besar and Kecil. Fun fact: in Malay ‘Perhentian’ means…

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Bucket List Item: Diving At The Great Barrier Reef In Australia

Since getting our PADI in 2015 Frank and I have been diving whenever we get the chance. The underwater world is incredible and I love floating through the water without any distractions or sounds. One of the dive spots that’s been on our bucket list forever was the Great Barrier Reef. Which should come as no surprise, this is the…

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Scuba Diving In Malaysia: 4 Awesome Spots Around Tioman

Do you know that feeling of falling in love? The excitement? The general happiness? The adrenaline coursing through your veins when you catch a glimpse of your great love? The pounding of your heart when you know you’ll soon meet again? The butterflies in your stomach because are so excited about every little detail of you newfound crush? That’s how…

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Cuba: A Great Place To Go Scuba Diving

Until a little over a year ago I could have never imagined I would become a scuba dive addict… Diving was something my husband Frank had dreamed about for years, but truth to tell, the idea of going diving scared me! I was afraid I would feel claustrophobic being completely surrounded by water. I couldn’t have been more wrong, diving doesn’t…

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My PADI Open Water Course In El Nido

Diving was something Frank, my husband, really wanted to do. He had been snorkeling for years during our previous holidays and when we were planning our 5 month trip this was one of his (few;-) requirements. I consider myself pretty adventurous, I love hiking, camping, sailing, skiing and other outdoor activities and I am not scared easily. But I wasn’t…

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Scuba Diving At Koh Tao: Exploring The HTMS Sattakut Wreck

On my 5 month trip I became hooked on scuba diving. I got my PADI at El Nido in the Philippines and went diving at Tioman in Malaysia. But Frank and I wanted to further improve our diving skills and thus we choose to go to Koh Tao, divers paradise in Thailand, to get our Advanced PADI. Getting your advanced…

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