Travel itineraries

Detailed travel itineraries with a map and information how to get from A to B.

Phu Quoc Island: Three Days Of Sightseeing On A Scooter

There are many things about traveling that I love: the feeling of ultimate freedom and not having any plans and responsibilities, meeting new people from different cultures, eating delicious food from tiny street stalls, being able to fit everything I own into a backpack and move to the next exciting place… Something else that definitely stands out for me (I know I…

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1 Week On Sardinia: Itinerary, Costs, Where To Go And Where To Stay

2014 was a year without much travel for me because I was saving up all my holiday days and money for the big 5-month trip to New Zealand and Southeast Asia. Luckily, I did manage to get away for two weeks; I went skiing in January and I took a one week trip to Sardinia in September. And wow, Sardinia was beautiful! A…

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Things To Do On Sao Miguel, The Azores: A Three Day Itinerary

Have you heard of the Azores? Sounds pretty exotic right? The Azores is a cluster of nine beautiful islands located in the Atlantic Ocean. Somehow the Azores aren’t very well-known and remain off the tourist radar. I have to admit I also didn’t know a single thing about the Azores before booking a last-minute ticket to Sao Miguel, the biggest…

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Activities On Bohol: 1 Day Sightseeing Itinerary

Before going to the Philippines I did a lot of research, trying to decide which of the 7000 islands I should visit. I don’t think I could have made the wrong choice because all the islands look pretty amazing. Nevertheless, I was very pleased with my decision to go to Bohol! We stayed at some very nice accommodations, transport was effortless…

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