Find out where to eat around the world: recommended dishes and where to find them.

What To Eat In Japan: 10 Japanese Dishes You Should Try

I never considered myself a foodie, but as I get older good food is becoming more and more important to me. Not only do I want to eat healthy, I also thoroughly enjoy trying out new dishes while traveling the world. When I was young I was definitely not an adventurous eater. I have three younger sisters and while two…

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Delicious Food To Eat In Sri Lanka

I love travel for many reasons (the feeling of freedom, experiencing new things every day, etc.) but a very important reason is trying new and exciting food! Before traveling to Sri Lanka, I researched the country (yes, I am a planner;-) and red about many dishes with delicious ingredients like coconut, chili and curry spices. After spending a month in the…

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