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Find out how much it costs to travel. Read my budget breakdowns, detailing expenses for accommodation, transportation, food and activities around the world.

14 Travel Bloggers Share Their Best Travel Budget Tip

People often think travel is expensive. And while it can be, it definitely doesn’t have to be! In order to help you to travel cheaper and get maximum value for money, I have collected the 14 best travel budget tips from fellow travel bloggers. Some of these bloggers have been traveling for years, others travel part-time or are just starting…

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12 Days In Malaysia: How Much Does It Cost?

If there is one country in Southeast Asia I cannot wait to return to it is Malaysia. Don’t get me wrong, traveling in the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand was amazing! And while there is plenty more to explore in these countries as well, with Malaysia in particular I feel like I just didn’t see enough of the country……

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How Much Does It Cost To Travel Vietnam?

Traveling in Vietnam is awesome: the people are friendly, getting around is easy and the food is delicious. Plus, travel in Vietnam is not expensive at all! Curious about the costs of a trip Vietnam? Check the infographic for a full budget breakdown of our 1 month trip around Vietnam. How much does it cost to travel Vietnam? Vietnam travel…

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1 Week On Sardinia: Itinerary, Costs, Where To Go And Where To Stay

2014 was a year without much travel for me because I was saving up all my holiday days and money for the big 5-month trip to New Zealand and Southeast Asia. Luckily, I did manage to get away for two weeks; I went skiing in January and I took a one week trip to Sardinia in September. And wow, Sardinia was beautiful! A…

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How Much Does It Cost To Travel To The Philippines?

After spending a month and a half in New Zealand, I was positively surprised by the cheap prices in the Philippines! Never having traveled outside Europe before and therefore being used to a pretty high price level, I was completely amazed to find out that you can get a whole meal for just a 100 peso (about 2 euro). Traveling to…

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