Here you can read all the posts I’ve written about my travels in Vietnam!

Vietnam One Month Travel Itinerary: From North to South

Making a round the world trip had been my dream for years. I pictured getting on a plane to an exotic location where I would learn about other cultures and see how people in those faraway places lived their live. Funnily enough I never really thought about getting around in those foreign countries… That is, until I actually went on my…

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Phu Quoc Island: Three Days Of Sightseeing On A Scooter

There are many things about traveling that I love: the feeling of ultimate freedom and not having any plans and responsibilities, meeting new people from different cultures, eating delicious food from tiny street stalls, being able to fit everything I own into a backpack and move to the next exciting place… Something else that definitely stands out for me (I know I…

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Things To Do And See In Vietnam And How Much It Costs

I had an amazing time in Vietnam… It’s a wonderful country with an impressive history, very friendly people and delicious food. And LOTS of great things to do! I spend a month there and left because my visa ran out, not because I ran out of thing to do! But it’s always good to have a reason to go back… I…

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How Much Does It Cost To Travel Vietnam?

Traveling in Vietnam is awesome: the people are friendly, getting around is easy and the food is delicious. Plus, travel in Vietnam is not expensive at all! Curious about the costs of a trip Vietnam? Check the infographic for a full budget breakdown of our 1 month trip around Vietnam. How much does it cost to travel Vietnam? Vietnam travel…

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