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19 Amazing Places To Visit In Thailand

There is just something about Southeast Asia, something special. Maybe it’s the sizzling sound of street food being prepared, the heat and constant humidity, the organized chaos or the unmistakable smell of incense. Whatever it is, Southeast Asia is special and Thailand in particular is a great place to visit! 19 amazing places to visit in Thailand Thailand is a wonderful country…

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10 Days In Thailand: A Detailed Thailand Travel Itinerary

Thailand is awesome! I totally get why this is the first country in Southeast Asia where (mass) tourism really took off. The people are incredibly friendly and the food is delicious. Thailand is a cheap country to travel, though probably nowhere near as cheap as it was 10 years ago. The nature in Thailand is beautiful and varied with mountains…

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Travel In Thailand: 10 Day Budget Breakdown

I like to do a little research before traveling somewhere and one of the things I am most interested in is how much it costs to travel in a country. Of course I was also interested how much money we would need to travel around Thailand. Turns out, despite being a tourist destination for many years, travel in Thailand is…

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Scuba Diving At Koh Tao: Exploring The HTMS Sattakut Wreck

On my 5 month trip I became hooked on scuba diving. I got my PADI at El Nido in the Philippines and went diving at Tioman in Malaysia. But Frank and I wanted to further improve our diving skills and thus we choose to go to Koh Tao, divers paradise in Thailand, to get our Advanced PADI. Getting your advanced…

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