Here you can read all the posts I’ve written about my travels in Spain!

Road Trip In Andalusia: A 3 Day Itinerary

It was a very last-minute decision to go to Andalusia. My parents invited me to join them a couple of days on their 3 week road trip around Spain and Portugal and I didn’t have to think twice about their offer. That’s how I found myself on a plane to Seville mere days after their invitation, exited to be going…

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Visiting The Alhambra In Granada: A Photo Essay

Back in 2008 I studied in Spain and had a great time! Spain has been one of my favorite countries in the world ever since. I love the language, the music, the food and the friendly people! Enough reason for me to return to Spain in 2011, when I visited the Alhambra in Granada. The Alhambra is amazing! The gardens are lush and green,…

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