The Netherlands

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How To Travel By Train In The Netherlands

Are you planning to visit the Netherlands? Or a trip around Europe including a couple of days in the Netherlands? If you plan to travel around the Netherlands by train and are wondering how to do so, you have come to the right place! I travel by train every day. I have done so since I was 14 years old…

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Climbing The Dom Tower In Utrecht

In 2016 I am making it my mission to explore more of my own country, the tiny but beautiful Netherlands. That’s why I wrote my ‘10 Things Every Foreigners Should Know About The Netherlands’ guest post for Aileen and an ‘Introduction to the Netherlands’. I planned on publishing this post much sooner but I have had so much trouble getting the pictures I…

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An Introduction To The Netherlands

2015 was all about exploring faraway places such as New Zealand and Southeast Asia. But as a born and raised Dutchie I am pretty proud of my tiny but beautiful country: the Netherlands! That is why I decided to start writing more posts about my home country. I will share hidden and off the beaten track places to visit in the Netherlands,…

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