Sri Lanka

Here you can read all the posts I’ve written about my travels in Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka: 1 Month Itinerary And Travel Guide

I was amazed how a small country like Sri Lanka could offer so much variety! Sri Lanka has beautiful beaches, green mountains, even greener tea plantations, ancient and impressive Buddhist temples, colorful and detailed Hindu temples and much more. And all that on an island 4 times smaller than the U.K.! In our 1 month Sri Lanka trip we went…

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Delicious Food To Eat In Sri Lanka

I love travel for many reasons (the feeling of freedom, experiencing new things every day, etc.) but a very important reason is trying new and exciting food! Before traveling to Sri Lanka, I researched the country (yes, I am a planner;-) and red about many dishes with delicious ingredients like coconut, chili and curry spices. After spending a month in the…

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Sri Lanka Travel Budget: Detailed Breakdown Of Our Daily Expenses

After spending a month in Sri Lanka exploring the West, South, Middle and North of the country I did a roundup of our travel expenses and was surprised to learn that Sri Lanka is the cheapest countries I’ve traveled to so far! When Frank and I traveled around Southeast Asia our daily budget was usually around €60 per day (€30…

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Where to Stay in Sri Lanka: 1 Month Accommodation Guide

For our Sri Lanka trip I was expecting accommodation prices to be similar to Southeast Asia and that turned out to be correct. During our 1 month trip around Sri Lanka, the price we paid for accommodation varied between €6 and €25 per night. However, there were also several things that were different than in Southeast Asia: 1. Finding your accommodation: I…

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