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Best Viewpoints In Singapore: Our List Of 20 Spots + Hotels With A View

Dubai Marina

Ah, Singapore! An exciting hub in South-East Asia that is practically bursting with fun and adventure at the seams. A lot of travelers come here on a simple layover and leave entirely satisfied with the hours spent exploring Singapore. After all, this city-state is pretty compact, with the main tourist attractions cramped together in a relatively small area.

However, when it comes to the best viewpoints in Singapore, the diversity couldn’t be better — cityscapes, harbor views, verdant panoramas of parks, lively looking island vistas. No matter what it is you’re looking for, you can find it in Singapore.

Where to find the best views in Singapore? Get ready, the list we’ve prepared is quite extensive: You might want to write things down!

The Pinnacle@Duxton

The Pinnacle Duxton

💸 6 SGD per person
📱 Buy your tickets on the spot

Located within short walking distance of Chinatown’s very best Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, the Pinnacle@Duxton sticks out like a sore thumb. After all, it’s one of the only soaring high skyscrapers in the otherwise pretty close-to-the-ground neighborhood. The Sino-Portuguese architecture of Chinatown is focused more on design and embellishment than on reaching never-before-seen heights of their building projects.

  • We are careful not to mislead you though — it’s not like the Pinnacle@Duxton sits like a tall boy Gru in the sea of two-story red-roofed Minion-esque shophouses. It towers over the area, it’s true, but its location is more on the outskirts of the heritage neighborhood (although the view of Chinatown opening up from the Sky deck of the building is one of the most unique in all of Singapore).

Pinnacle@Duxton is one of the largest housing complexes in Singapore, and the tallest residential building in the world. It consists of seven tall towers that are all interconnected by two bridges: The one on the 26th level is open for residents of the building only, while the bridge with what arguably is the best observation deck in Singapore (Sky Deck, located on the 50th level) is open to visitors for a humble fee of 6 SGD ($4,4). The bridges themselves are quite remarkable — they are the longest bridges ever built on skyscrapers.

However, despite the attraction’s impressive accolades, Pinnacle@Duxton’s Sky Deck still doesn’t top the lists of the best viewpoints in Singapore. And not because the Singapore city view opening up from the bridge is atrocious (it is, in fact, awe-strikingly magnificent): The building is simply a hidden gem, easily overshadowed by the long-standing reputation of Singapore’s other attractions.

You can use this fact to your own advantage: The viewing deck at Pinnacle@Duxton is never overcrowded (taking into the account the fact that they top the daily visitors’ count at 150), so you can stroll around, enjoy the sprawling 360-degree vistas of the city, and take a chill pill and relax at one of the plentiful lounging areas.

View from The Pinnacle Duxton

When we were at the top, we had the deck almost entirely to ourselves (apart from a couple of other tourists), which was a nice change of pace from other places we visited in Singapore).

Note that the best sunset view in Singapore (subjective to yours’ truly) opens up from the lookout gallery at the top of 1A Tower — on the other end of where the entry to the deck is.

The design of the viewing deck is beautiful — there are green areas, with trees, bushes, and verdant grass making you feel like you’re walking through a garden, a rooftop playground for kids of all ages, and countless sitting areas (both covered and open, one even has a beach feel to it, with a strip of blue flooring that resembles the waterfront!).

  • Trees on a bridge sitting between two skyscrapers seems to be something out of the 90’s portrayal of the year 2050. Actually, this is a reality in Singapore — plenty of buildings have some kind of greenery woven into the structure in this Garden City.

Now, read closely, because we’re about to walk you through a somewhat complicated process of getting to the top of Pinnacle@Duxton:

  1. Before you go, make sure you have a Singapore’s transportation card ready (EZ-Link card or Singapore Tourist Pass will do). You will not pay with the card itself, but you will use it as an admission ticket after it is encoded by the staff.
  2. As you near the Pinnacle@Duxton building, locate the 1G Tower and enter it.
  3. Head down to the basement level and follow the markers to a small ticket selling office.
  4. Get your ticket for 6 SGD ($4,4) per person, and pay in cash (!).
  5. Head on over to the elevator that will take you to the 50th floor, and enjoy an unobstructed bird’s-eye view of Singapore, the harbor, and even catch a glimpse of Sentosa Island. Note that you cannot see Marina Bay Sands from the observation deck, since it’s hidden from view by other tall buildings.

In our humble opinion, the Sky Deck at Pinnacle@Duxton building is the best observation deck in Singapore. At least, it has the best ROI out of all the other viewpoints in the city. However, if you cannot imagine looking at Singapore from anywhere but Marina Bay Sands’ SkyPark as your first experience, let’s look into this famed attraction in more detail.

Marina Bay Sands SkyPark

Marina Bay Sands hotel

💸 30 SGD per person
📱 Book tickets in advance on Klook

Where is the best view of Singapore’s Marina Bay? The answer here is kind of obvious: It’s in the name! Marina Bay Sands Hotel’s Sky Park undoubtedly has the best views of the area. Located on the 56th (!) floor of the building, you can enjoy the most picturesque vistas of Singapore, starting from the iconic Marina Bay with the durian-shaped Esplanade resting by its shore, to the large green patch of Gardens by the Bay with the Supertree Grove clearly being the star of the show.

But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. Let’s address the unique shape of the building first. From what we’ve gathered, Marina Bay Sands Hotel was inspired by a deck of cards. We, however, see it as a giant boat resting on super high curved stilts 200 meters up in the air. No matter what this attraction reminds you of, you’re bound to be mesmerized by the building for quite some time, no doubt to it!

SkyPark Observation Deck in Marina Bay Sands is the ultimate option for an ordinary traveler who wants to feel closer to the Marina Bay area by looking at it from above. The ticket price is 30 SGD ($22), which is significantly higher than the admission fee to Sky Deck at Pinnacle@Duxton, but don’t forget — you’re paying for the central location and an overall hyped-up reputation of the attraction.

Click here to book the tickets online >>

Marina Bay Sands SkyPark Marina Bay Sands SkyPark 2

SkyPark Observation Deck’s overall look is on par with the rest of the city: It’s nice and clean, with the mandatory green additions that are keeping up Singapore’s Garden City status. It’s a nice spot to get the sprawling views of Singapore while the sun’s still out.

Come nightfall, when the panoramas start to glimmer with thousands of lights, we recommend you pivot to another way of enjoying the views of Singapore from above: CÉ LA VI SkyBar. We will go into more detail further down in the post, but one thing you might want to remember is the fact that there’s an opportunity to go to the SkyBar for free — but the views stay the same when compared to the observation deck (maybe even better). No wonder this place is considered to be one of the best Singapore bars with a view. Keep reading to find out more about this boozy and fun destination!

OCBC Skyway at Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay

💸 12 SGD per person
📱 No need to book online

Are you getting tired of the Singapore surroundings that are all steel and glass, apart from a few bushes looking confused to be up that high? Well, we’ve got a viewing point that can heal any nature’s lover heart — the OCBC Skyway at Gardens’ by the Bay Supertree Grove. Here, the nature takes back what’s rightfully hers (but not without human intervention, though it’s more of a plus in this particular case).

In general, Gardens by the Bay is a wildly popular destination for Singapore visitors, as it offers a great escape into the exuberant flora (both of local origin and the one transferred here from thousands of miles away) and a respite from the scorching Singaporean sun (although you won’t avoid humidity — the Cloud Forest Conservatory is the ultimate hello-frizzy-hair-humidifier-inspired space).

Supertree Grove is our second favorite part of Gardens by the Bay (Flower Dome takes the cake of one of the most wonderful experiences in the city, in our humble opinion). Its allure is even more highlighted by the fact that the grove is completely free to visit, meaning anyone can enjoy the spectacular sight of the twelve giant supertrees towering over a lush green hill (to get the most luxurious visual, we suggest a rewatch of the Crazy Rich Asians wedding reception scene).

Supertree Grove is one of the most Instagrammable places in Singapore, and with good reason: The sheer variety of unique angles one might take when photographing this attraction is insurmountable. Come here and see for yourself!

Gardens by the bay 2 Gardens by the at night

For the more exclusive take on the Singapore skyline, head up the OCBC Skyway — one of the best viewpoints in Singapore, hands down. All the luscious greenery at your fingertips, frayed tops of Fifth Element-esque steel supertrees blocking the view here and there, and the striking Singapore panorama, — you can be a witness to all of this just by paying an admission fee of 12 SGD ($9).

Note that this attraction is not for vertigo-prone people: Although it’s perfectly safe, it’s still nothing more than a long curved bridge that connects two of the supertrees at a height of more than 20 meters up in the air. Also, mind the weather when planning a visit here: As soon as the first few rain drops reach the earth, the attraction is closed, with no possibility of a refund.

Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer

💸 40 SGD per person
📱 Book in advance on Klook

What is the highest viewing point in Singapore? From what we’ve gathered, Singapore Flyer might be a strong contender for the title (at least in the free-standing category, since the buildings don’t really count). At a mind-boggling height of 165 meters, the Ferris wheel stands tall and proud, crowning the Marina Bay area.

Coincidentally, it’s not the only title that the Singapore Flyer is proud to carry. It’s in the running for the largest Ferris wheel in the world — we’re pretty sure it’s got third place, at least for now, losing only to the otherworldly high Ain Dubai (250 meters) and High Roller Observation Wheel in Las Vegas (168 meters.)

Trust us, you absolutely cannot miss the Singapore Flyer, however hard you try. If you’re somewhere near Marina Bay area, you’re guaranteed to see this absolute mammoth of a construction. Still, a lot of tourists let themselves avoid the Ferris wheel altogether, wrongly assuming that the attraction is too boring and not worth the money and time spent here.

It took us a few visits to Singapore to finally take a ride on the Singapore Flyer, and oh boy, what a mistake it was — waiting so long to see what is arguably one of the best views in Singapore! The whole experience was a smooth ride from start to finish: There are 28 pods, all air-conditioned and surprisingly spacious. Plus, the opportunity to get a combo ticket that includes some boozy thirst quenchers (79 SGD/$58 for a ride with a complimentary glass of bubbly and 69 SGD/$51 for the one with the iconic Singapore Sling cocktail) drives the attraction to the top of our list of best things to do in Singapore.

Don’t worry though, even without the add-ons, you won’t even notice how the whole 30 minutes pass by. The Singapore Flyer features 360-degree views of the central Singapore area, which includes such sights as Marina Bay, Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands Hotel, ArtScience Museum, and many others. On a super clear day, you can even see as far as Malaysia, which is pretty exciting!

The ordinary ticket to the Singapore Flyer will cost you 40 SGD ($30). Note that it also gives you access to the Time Capsule — the interactive exhibition that uses all kinds of means to immerse its visitors into Singapore’s past, present, and future. So, take this opportunity to enjoy the sprawling views of Singapore and add some factoids to the pretty picture. It’s a well-rounded tourist experience, if we say so ourselves!

Click here to book the tickets online >>

Fun fact: Upon its first opening, the Ferris wheel was programmed to turn in the direction of the water. After many people pointed out the fact that this way was stripping the land of fortune, the Singapore Flyer’s rotation was reversed — it is now bringing good luck from the sea and straight into the financial district!

Side note: Singapore Flyer routinely undergoes maintenance works, so we recommend you check out its official website before going.

Singapore Cable Car Network

Singapore Cable Car Network

💸 28 SGD for round trip
📱 Book in advance on Klook

Often overlooked, the Singapore’s Cable Car Network is most widely known as a reliable mode of transportation between Singapore’s main land and Sentosa Island. However, the stunning views of Singapore from above make the cable car system a great option for when you want to get from point A to point B without any traffic, while also enjoying one of the best views in Singapore.

Singapore’s Cable Car Network consists of two lines: Mount Faber Line and Sentosa Line. Here, we will focus more on the original line — Mount Faber Line, which was once created as a way to bring holidaymakers to Sentosa Island. The idea was a successful one, because now Sentosa Island is the ultimate beach getaway for both Singapore residents and tourists.

A round trip on Mount Faber Line is 30 minutes, and it has three stops along the way: Mount Faber, Harbourfront, and Sentosa. It’s not exactly connected to Sentosa Line, but you can easily reach the other line’s station by a short five-minute walk.

  • Now is a great opportunity to finally take a ride on Singapore’s cable car: In celebration of Mount Faber’s line 50th anniversary, the ride has been adorned with all things Pokémon. There are plenty of photo ops (some of them include vintage cable cars that were used upon the line’s opening), freebies (you get a Pokémon-themed visor to protect your eyes from strong Singaporean sunrays; and if you post a picture of yourself on the ride to your social media account, you’re eligible to receive one free ice-cream), and fun décor choices (each cable car has been painted to resemble a Poké Ball). The offer lasts until September 30, 2023, so hurry up, — Gotta catch 'em all!

Apart from the special “limited edition” riding experience, Singapore’s cable car doesn’t actually need any accouterments to hype up the thing it already is — a great way to enjoy the panoramas of Singapore’s skyline, and not just from the ride itself! Every station has a few of the best places with scenic views in Singapore:

— Mount Faber Station overlooks the park’s greenery and distant glimpses of Sentosa Island.
— Harbourfront Station looks out on the panoramic view of the harbor and Sentosa.
— Sentosa Island Station is the glue that holds both of these images together, with a few notable additions of views of the island’s most extravagant and fun attractions: Adventure Cove Park and Universal Studios.

Note that the cable car cabins here feel very safe and sturdy, and riding inside one of them is a pleasurable experience even for people who are scared of heights. Although, if you get motion sickness, we recommend you take something (recommended by a doctor, of course) to help your imbalance of senses — an occasional gust of wind can sway a cable car a little.

If you have all your ducks in a row about the Singapore cable car experience, then it is time to book the tickets! There are a few options for you to choose from, depending on the route you want to take and the limits you’re okay working with:

  • A Sky Pass ticket (28 SGD/$21) lets you take a trip on both of the lines for one round trip.
  • A Sky Pass Unlimited ticket (available for purchase offline) (45 SGD/$33) lets you disembark on any of the six station multiple times (you cannot do that with a round trip ticket).
  • If you want to focus mainly on the celebrated Mount Faber Line, then you can buy a Mount Faber Round Trip ticket (26,4 SGD/$19,5), Although, let’s be honest, a Sky Pass costs almost the same amount, so try and make time to enjoy the ride in its entirety!

Singapore view at night — bars & restaurants with a view

View from Marina Bay Sands Mr Stork bar

To tell you the truth, we’re not big party people, and going out at night is always something we put on a back burner when planning our trip itinerary. However, the spectacular night views of Singapore changed our minds completely: How else would you witness the city come alive with music and lights, other than paying a visit to one or two of Singapore’s rooftop bars? Barhopping, in this particular case, becomes chasing the iconic views of Singapore skyline, — and how can you say no to such adventure?

Before we go any further with listing our favorite city rooftop bars, let’s get one thing out of the way: The world-renowned 1-Altitude — the highest bar in Singapore — has closed its doors in March 2022. Because some online listicles still place 1-Altitude at the top of their pages, we figured it was our responsibility to help you avoid wasting your precious time looking for this place once in Singapore.

Now, back to the bars with the best night views in Singapore:


Ce La Vi Skybar

💸 The entry is 30 SGD which you can fully spend on food and drinks (a cocktail is 25 SGD)
❗ Casual chic dress code

Which sky bar is the most famous in Singapore? Easily CÉ LA VI SkyBar! Located on the 57th floor of the legendary Marina Bay Sands Hotel, CÉ LA VI SkyBar has no rivals when it comes to the ultimate best views in Singapore.

This incredibly sought-after bar and lounge has what is arguably the most iconic open-air terrace in Singapore: The breathtaking view of Marina Bay area, the awe-striking spectacle of Gardens’ by the Bay evening light show, the bustling scene that is the infinity pool adjacent to the bar, and the sprawling vistas of the Lion City skyline — does it get any better than that? The only downside to the view portion of the bar is that you can’t really admire the grandiosity that is Marina Bay Sands itself (duh, you’re sitting right on top of it!). In the words of Mick Jagger, you can’t always get what you want!

To access the SkyBar, you need to pay an entrance fee of 30 SGD/$20 (that is fully redeemable on food and drinks, by the way), but don’t fret. If you’re sly enough (or just on an extremely tight budget, so you have nothing to lose), at evening rush hour, you can come in, take a few pics, and straight up leave — chances are, the servers will be too preoccupied with orders to notice a couple of tourists come in and out without ordering anything.

The views opening up from the bar do not differ much from the ones you get to see from the Marina Bay observation deck, since they’re just one level apart: So why not combine the wonderful glistening night cityscape with a refreshing cocktail — personally, we believe that no Singapore trip can be complete without you trying the nationally acclaimed Singapore Sling (25 SGD/$18,4), which is a gin-based cocktail with orange liqueur, cherry, pomegranate, and, most importantly, pineapple!


Level 33 Singapore
💸 Craft beer is 11,9—16,9 SGD for 0,3l
❗ Smart casual dress code

Another one of Singapore’s popular bars set smack dab in the Central Business District, on the 33d level of MBFC, LeVeL33 overlooks the Marina Bay, Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Flyer, and the rest of the iconic city skyline. It is also no ordinary bar: LeVeL33 is the highest microbrewery in the world!

Besides sporting arguably the most exciting Singapore view at night, the brewery’s interior is a spectacular in and of itself: Welcoming amber hues, giant copper brewery tanks (is that how they’re called?), and an overall pleasing atmosphere can take your experience to a whole ‘nother level (pun intended)!

Beer lovers, rejoice! IPA, stout, lager, ale, — each night, there are always at least six varieties of beer batches brewed to perfection by craftsmen right here, on site. If you are a brewski novice, then, by all means, try their beer tasting paddle (26,9 SGD/$19,8) that contains five (!) of the LeVeL33 craft varieties.

Not a huge barley fan? No worries, since the bar has a wide selection of other spirits and liquor-based cocktails for you to choose from. Whatever you end up ordering, the highest quality is guaranteed: Paired with spectacular views, this bar should be on the top of your list of places to end your night with while in Singapore.

Smoke & Mirrors

smoke and mirrors

💸 A cocktail is 28 SGD
❗ Casual chick dress code

Stumbling upon Smoke & Mirrors was an unexpected surprise when we were exploring the National Gallery Singapore. Perched atop this monumental building, the bar is a proud owner of one of the best views in Singapore, specifically glorious night views.

While the name does add a certain mysterious je ne sais quoi to the overall vibe of the place, it’s funny when you take the statement head on: After all, smoke and mirrors usually presuppose some kind of deception and confusion. Not here though! Once you enter the space and order yourself a tipple, you understand that there’s no confusion present: Mirrored surfaces and ample use of dry ice (or, at times, literal smoke trapped under the glass) explain the bar’s nickname perfectly.

If you’re lucky to snag a coveted seat at the al fresco terrace of the bar, you’re instantly congratulated with an evening skyline of Singapore that pairs exceptionably well with sometimes outlandish Smoke & Mirror cocktails menu items. Their signature menu changes regularly, with new and new concoctions being created by the bar’s talented mixologists.

  • Although, we must admit, some of the cocktails’ names sound funny (and a tad phony) at times: You can get Liquid Seduction (32 SGD/$23,6) that is described as “the art of pole dancing in a glass” or A License to Kill (28 SGD/$20,6) which is supposed to make you feel like you’re in a Bond movie.

Why choose Smoke & Mirrors? The views of the top Singapore sights (Marina Bay Sands, Esplanade, ArtScience Museum, and others of the area), combined with the atmosphere of the bar: Softly dimmed light, reflections of buildings on dark surfaces, a bar centerpiece resembling a classic speakeasy (but with modern curved and sleek lines), — it’s all worth the thirty dollar price tag on the majority of the cocktails offered!


Southbridge Southbridge 2

💸 A cocktail is 20–23 SGD
❗ Smart casual dress code

For a more intimate experience, leave the Marina Bay area, and head on over to Boat Quay — here, nestled in front of the skyscrapers and overlooking the river, sits the Southbridge bar. Locally known as the Oyster Bar (their Umami Oysters (23 SGD/$17) are all the rage), Southbridge is one of Singapore’s best kept secrets.

Southbridge is your best chance if you forgot to make reservations, since it’s located a little off the beaten path. We were pretty amazed that the place wasn’t too crowded once the sun set: Sitting at the outside terrace, we witnessed what can only be described as the most magnificent view of Singapore. Imagine the river reflecting the lights of the towering skyscrapers, with glimpses of Marina Bay Sands and Singapore Flyer making their appearance when you move or shift in your seat a little.

As for the spirits (since imbibing in a nice alcoholic beverage is the whole point of going to a bar in the first place), we recommend choosing the ones with the movie-inspired names: Order either a champagne-based La Piscine (23 SGD/$17), or a gin-based Rosemary Baby (21 SGD/$15,5), — it’s a fun time, especially for film buffs like ourselves!

Hotels with the best views in Singapore

Marina Bay Sands hotel Marina Bay Sands hotel 2

Let’s be honest, what is better than waking up in a new foreign place to a breathtaking view? Having a coffee on a balcony overlooking the water, or coming up to the rooftop bar to see sprawling cityscapes? Dressing up for a rooftop bar outing? We truly don’t have many base-level travel experiences that can top these ones!

The obvious decision when booking your accommodation in the Lion City is choosing one of the hotels with the best view in Singapore. Thankfully, we went ahead and did all the investigative work ourselves. Enjoy this concise, but invaluable list of hotels where you can catch a glimpse of one or more of the popular Singapore sights:

  • 5* Fairmont Singapore (from $450 a night) — if you want to know what true luxury feels like, then a stay at Fairmont hotel is in order! What it lacks in specifically designed viewing decks, it makes up for in balcony views: Depending on what side of the building your room is located, you will get either a view of skyscraping Singapore skyline, or a panorama overlooking Marina Bay. Either way, it’s a nice view to wake up to!
  • 5* Marina Bay Sands Hotel (from $790 a night) — undoubtedly one of the best view hotels in Singapore (and also the most expensive), Marina Bay Sands is an experience like no other: The higher your room, the better the views of the surrounding area (which includes all the tourist faves, like Singapore Flyer, Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay, etc.) you get. However, the star of the show of the hotel is the world’s largest infinity pool, which many refer to as the most exclusive Singapore attraction (and which also justifies the exorbitant price tag per room). Even if you’ve been saving up for your one-night stay at Marina Bay Sands for weeks, swimming in its iconic pool puts you in the same position as Singapore’s well-to-do businessmen and world celebrities, so you can feel as high-toned as you want to!
  • 4* Quincy Hotel Singapore (from $275 a night) — workout babes, this is the place for you! The best views from Quincy Hotel open up from both the gym area and the infinity pool; the latter curiously placed close to the top of the building (but not atop of it, exactly), as though a chunk of it was taken out by a giant Pac-Man. The panoramas are not central per se, but let's face it: One can take so much of Marina Bay area, so why not get a little bit closer to the authentic modern local neighborhood? Cool skyscrapers are a sight to be seen, especially if your place back home looks nothing like it!
  • 4* Park Regis Singapore (from $185 a night) — the swankiest out of all the more budget-friendly hotel options (at least by Singapore standards, these hotels will be considered outrageously expensive in other parts of the world), Park Regis is located near Clarke Quay area, so expect some stunning river views!
  • 4* YOTEL Singapore Orchard Road (from $190 a night) — a hotel with one curious characteristic: A loo with a view! Yes, you’ve read that right, the bathroom area in some premium rooms has floor-to-ceiling windows that open up on fantastic city views (there are privacy blinds, so you won’t have to flash the entire neighborhood every time you take a shower). Plus, there’s an outdoor swimming pool that is surrounded by tall skyscrapers, giving you a nice juxtaposition of being in the water in the circle of glass and steel.

Note that there are many-many more hotels with best viewpoints in Singapore. We decided to leave them out due to the outlandish prices. Although, if you can afford to spend some extra cash on your Singapore accommodations, definitely look into staying in one of these hotels (the kick-ass views are well worth it, in our opinion): The Fullerton Bay Hotel, The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia, The Westin, Parkroyal Collection Pickering, Swissôtel The Stamford, and Four Seasons Hotel.

Free viewpoints in Singapore

free viewpoints in Singapore

You might wonder what does your ordinary Pennywise (not the scary clown in this case, more of a reference to a very thrifty tourist) have to do in Singapore to enjoy the spectacular city views, preferably without spending even a penny (duh) out of their travel budget? Well, our answer is simple: Continue reading our listicle of free things to do in Singapore (exclusively view-based, for the sake of this post’s theme) and choose the spots that best speak to your soul!

1. CapitaSpring

CapitaSpring CapitaSpring building

Located in a picturesque Boat Quay area, CapitaSpring is a beautiful multi-use complex with one of the best free views in Singapore. The building’s viewing deck — the Sky Garden can be accessed for free (which is a running theme for this section, thank god!) with a simple elevator ride to the 51st floor. The sprawling vistas of Singapore’s Central Business District paired with a lush rooftop garden (they even grow vegetables here!) is an experience that is both widespread and exclusive throughout the city. Note that the opening hours are limited, in lieu of letting the building’s tenants and patrons of the complex's only restaurant enjoy the place all to themselves. You can explore the venue Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., and then from 2:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.

2. Skyville & Dawson
Views in Singapore

Set aside from the Singapore’s central cluster of attractions (in the general Queenstown area), this HDB (Housing and Development Board) building raises the bar on public subsidized housing all over the world. Constructed in the same style as Pinnacle@Duxton (think tall towers that are interconnected with each other), Skyville & Dawson has one of the best HDB rooftop gardens in Singapore: Perched on the 47th floor, this viewpoint is both tranquil in atmosphere and bustling with sprawling views of the city below. With ample seating areas, it would be a shame not to sit down for a moment and just chill, taking in the views. Alternatively, grab a lunch to go and enjoy your food with Singapore skyscrapers and blotches of vivid green parks and gardens as your background. Bonus point: Singapore’s Museum of Ice Cream is a 20-minute walk away from Skyville & Dawson, so consider this fun activity when planning your Singapore itinerary for the day.

3. Vivo City Library
We’ve probably proclaimed our love for libraries a thousand times across all of our platforms, but let us profess our feelings one more time: We love libraries, especially the ones that combine amazing layout and richness of the materials with stunning views of the neighboring areas. Library@Harbourfront, also known as Vivo City Library, is no exception: Hidden away on the third floor of the Vivo City Mall, this giant space for learning and recreation has one of the most unbeatable views of the harbor and Sentosa Island. Bonus points for a huge food court also located inside the mall, so you can go there once you’ve satisfied your cravings for pretty views, and turned your focus on actual, physical sustenance.

4. ION Sky
One of the lesser known spots with a free rooftop view in Singapore that opens up towards the more residential-looking neighborhoods. They hold more of an authentic charm of the city, while also encapsulating all things new and modern, — so get ready for soaring skyscrapers guarding the horizon over the city. Set on the 56th floor of the shopping center, this observation deck is a secret spot known to a handful of travelers. To get to the top, look out for the ION Gallery (level 4), where the elevator to the deck is located. ION Sky is free to enter, but if you’re spending money anyway, know this: For every purchase of 50 SGD ($37) made on anything inside the mall, you get a complimentary drink at the top. You also have to remember that the attraction is open only from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., so plan your visit accordingly.

5. Esplanade Roof Terrace

esplanade in singapore

Heading back to the mecca of Singapore’s top attractions, Esplanade Roof Terrace offers unparalleled views of Marina Bay. The entire durian-shaped structure of the theater by the bay is a destination in and of itself, but not many people know that you can go up to the roof terrace for free, thus leaving you with one-of-a-kind views completely to yourself. There’s even a hidden playground that your kids can peruse while the adults of the family take a moment to themselves to marvel at the wonderful panoramas. While there is the usual Singapore garden-esque shrubbery and green oases on the terrace, most visitors would encourage you to wait until the sun sets before paying this viewpoint a visit: There’s little shade to be found at the top. Plus, the night views of the area are a hundred times better, since every twinkling light of either Marina Bay Sands or other buildings that comprise the skyline reflect in the water of the bay, creating a truly magical image!

6. Helix Bridge
Helix Bridge

Another attraction in Singapore that helps you enjoy the wonderful (and in no way repetitive) views of Marina Bay. Helix Bridge is a structural masterpiece: It looks like two human DNA strands interwoven into a dance of steel and glass; looking at it from up close is like deciphering a secret code, it leaves you awe-stricken and mesmerized. The fun doesn’t stop there, as the bridge has four viewing points that protrude from the main structure. These are the best spots to enjoy the magnificent views of Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Flyer, Esplanade, and other fan-favorite places of the area.

7. Merlion Park
Merlion Park

Without a doubt, the best place to view Marina Bay Sands (it’s located right across the bay from the hotel). The park is earth-bound and right by the water, thus being a perfect Singapore viewpoint for people who are terrified of heights. Come here in the wee hours of the morning to beat the crowds, and try and get the best shot of both the mythical Merlion and the Singapore skyline in front of it!

8. Mount Faber Park

Henderson Waves Mount Faber Park Viewpoints of Singapore

Photo by Will Truettner on Unsplash / Loungers on the rooftop of The Pinnacle@Duxton

While we’re on the topic of parks, Mount Faber is one of the oldest parks of the area that is a true treasure trove of adventure and insights. Depending on your level of physical fitness (or on the state of your energy reserves), you can pick one of the few trails available in the park. While there are a few designated lookout points (Faber Point, Mount Faber Lookout Point, Mount Faber Peak Station, — not much diversity in the names here), you will be happy to note that no matter which path you choose, you will be greeted with breathtaking views of either Singapore skyline, or the harbor and Sentosa Island from time to time (when the thicket of trees you walk through has an opening large enough to enjoy the vistas).

9. Henderson Waves
The highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore that connects Mount Faber Park with Southern Ridges. Made mostly out of wood, it’s a nice change of pace after existing in Singapore’s high-tech and steel bubble up until now. Surrounded by beautiful greenery, the bridge offers 360-degree views of the area it’s set in: You can see the glare the sun creates off the calm water of the harbor, as well as sun rays reflecting off Singapore’s highest skyscrapers. The construction even offers shade and seating area, making the bridge a wonderful spot to take a breather in-between all the nature hiking.

10. TreeTop Walk at Macritchie Reservoir

Marina Bay Sands SkyPark Sentosa Island bridge

Photo by chandan bala on Unsplash / Doesn't the rope bridge on Sentosa look the same??

Speaking of nature, we’re sure that even the most eccentric city views can feel suffocating: After all, we’re wild creatures at heart. The TreeTop Walk is a long bridge suspended 25 meters in the air, so this experience is definitely not for the faint-hearted. If you’re brave enough, however, then feel free to enjoy walking through the lush Singaporean rainforest: At canopy level, you can see everything that is going on in the lives of its primal inhabitants, so look out for those monkeys and little flying foxes merrily jumping from one branch to another.

What else do we recommend to visit in Singapore?

Universal Studios

Before we go on, we cannot forget to mention another viewpoint in Singapore that has been closed down: Tiger Sky Tower. Previously located on Sentosa Island, it used to be the tallest observation tower in Singapore. Many tourists still search for its tall peak whenever they’re on the island, for old times’ sake, but to no avail. So, if you also want to go down the memory lane of places you used to visit on your trips to Singapore before 2018, we suggest you turn your gaze to one of the many viewpoints we’ve listed above: Plenty of them have been in operation for years now.

What else you'd better know before visiting Singapore?

Now that it’s out of the way, it’s time to figure out what are the things to do in Singapore that do not revolve around Singapore city view. You’re in luck, because we have not one, but two comprehensive itineraries that you can refer to when planning your trip. Whether you have only 24 hours to explore Singapore, or if you’re lucky to have four full days in the city, you will find places that will blow your mind, both culturally and entertainment-wise.

But for right now, here’s the list of a few things you absolutely must do when in Singapore:

Best viewpoints in Singapore: in conclusion

We hope that we managed to answer your question of “Where can I see the view of Singapore”, and in great detail. Just make sure that there’s enough storage space in your phone for the countless of pictures you’re about to take of the Singapore skyline! Trust us, we know from experience — you are guaranteed to want to save these breathtaking vistas to look back on years from now.

If you have any questions regarding the sights of Singapore mentioned in this post, then feel free to leave them in the comments down below.