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11 Best Beaches In Taiwan You Need To Visit (2023)

Taiwan may not be the first country that comes to mind when thinking of beautiful beaches. However, you will be surprised to discover that the best beaches in Taiwan are not always the typical crescent-shaped sandy shores.

There are many different types of beautiful beaches in Taiwan, from a black sand surfers paradise, a colorful pebble beach to the pristine white sand beaches found in Kenting National Park, and on Pengu Island.

In this article, you can find some of the best beaches Taiwan has to offer!

Best beaches in Taiwan

Are you looking for the best beaches in Taiwan? Here you can read about 10 beautiful Taiwan beaches you can't miss when planning a trip to Taiwan. class=

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Taiwan best beaches: map

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Taiwan's most beautiful beaches: 11 Taiwan beaches you can't miss

1. Cijin Beach, Kaohsiung

Cijin Beach Kaohsiung

Caroline from CK Travels: Cijin Beach is a beautiful and huge stretch of black sand beach on Cijin Island, just a short ferry ride away from Kaohsiung city.

Due to its easy accessibility, the beach is very popular with day-tripping locals during the weekends and national holidays.

However, as the beach is very large, it never gets too crowded and is a great place to chill away from the city. 

The beach is very clean and the warm water and low waves make it perfect for swimming and for visitors with small children.

There are public washrooms facilities available that have open showers and closed-door changing rooms. As there is no sun shelter on the beach you will need to bring your own parasol.

Cijin Beach used to be a great surfing spot, but in recent years the government has built a break wall to help protect the beach from typhoons so the surf has suffered. If you do want to surf, you can rent surfboards for around NT$300. 

Cijin Island is also a great sunset spot! The Cijin Sunset Bar has amazing sea views and serves up smoothies or local beers, along with western-style meals. 

Alternatively, there are several fish restaurants nearby and the beach is lined with many seafood stalls.

To reach Cijin Beach you need to take a ferry from Gushan in Kaohsiung. The journey takes 5 minutes and the fare costs NT$30 one way.

The beach is located a five-minute walk from the Cijin Island ferry terminal.

2. Lintou Beach, Penghu Island

Lintou Beach pavilion on Penghu Island

Mariza from Hop On World: located a 45-minute flight from Taipei is one of Taiwan's most beautiful destinations: Penghu.

A dreamy cluster of 90 islands and islets boasting lush jungles, powdery golden sand beaches, crystal-clear blue water full of marine life and beautiful coral reefs, and plenty to keep you busy for a few days' stay. 

While there are several beaches worth your time on the main island of Magong, Lintou Beach on the eastern edge of the island is revered as the longest white sand beach in Penghu.

Despite once being a thriving fishing area, today Lintou beach is well known for its laid-back vibes and terrific coastline.

It's the perfect place to play in the water, kick back in the sun, take a gentle stroll, or catch an epic sunrise. The best part, you're likely to have the whole beach to yourself no matter which time of year you visit! 

That said, it's best to visit Lintou Beach during the warmer months (Apr-Nov) as the water can be quite chilly.

There's not much shade near the beach, so remember to bring a beach umbrella. It's also a good idea to wear flip-flops as it is one of the few beaches in Taiwan full of coral fragments. 

The easiest way to get to Lintou beach is by car or scooter. If that is not an option, take the Longmen or Jianshan Circular Line bus to get there. 

3. Fulong Beach, New Taipei City

Fulong Beach New Taipei City Taiwan

Queenie From Ms. Travel Solo: located in Northern Taiwan, on the northeast coast is Fulong Beach, a 3km golden sand beach in the popular resort town called Fulong in New Taipei City. 

As one of the best beaches near Taipei and because of its accessibility from the capital city, Fulong Beach attracts many daytrippers from Taipei.

Locals flock to the beach for water activities such as swimming, kayaking, and windsurfing. Visitors can rent boogie boards and inflatable devices for the day.

Fulong Beach is unique because it is one of the very few beaches that has golden sand. Plus, the Shuang River divides the beach where the outside beach faces the Pacific Ocean, and the inner beach faces the river. 

The beach is accessible all year, and an entrance fee is required during summer (NT$100 for adults and NT$10 for kids). There are facilities such as showers and changing rooms.

Moreover, Fulong Beach is the site for the annual Fulong Sand Sculpture Festival and music lovers attend the Hohaiyan Rock Festival, held in July. 

People going to Fulong Beach may also be interested in seeing other attractions in the area. Caoling Historic Trail is an 8.5km trail that starts at Fulong Station and ends at Dali Station (you can also hike in the reverse direction and end your day trip at Fulong Beach). 

If you rent a car it's only an hour's drive to Fulong Beach from Taipei. Alternatively, you can hop on a train to Fulong Station from Taipei Station, which will take 1.5 hours.

The beach is a 10-minute walk north of Fulong Station. 

Want to stay longer? Check out Fullon Hotel Fulong, a beautiful hotel overlooking Fulong Beach.

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4. Baishawan Beach, New Taipei City

Baishawan Beach is another beach worth visiting. The name actually means White Sand Bay and this scenic spot with a long stretch of white sand is one of the best places to watch the sunset.

Baishawan Beach is a great destination for families with kids and it can get busy during the weekend. There are plenty of activities to keep the whole family entertained.

You can enjoy a variety of water sports such as swimming, surfing, and kayaking. Play in the waves or build a sandcastle with the soft white sand.

Getting to the beautiful Baishawan Beach from Taipei is a relatively easy journey. The best way to get there is by taking the MRT from Taipei Main Station to Tamsui Station.

Here you can transfer to the Keelung Bus 862 or Tamsui Bus 863. Disembark at Baisha Bay stop. Alternatively, you can rent a car and explore the area on your own!

5. Waiao Beach, Yilan County

Waiao Beach Yilan County Taiwan

Queenie From Ms. Travel Solo: you wouldn’t expect Taiwan to be a surfing destination, but the country has several beaches ideal for surfing.

And one of the best surfing beaches near Taipei can be found along the northeast coast in northern Yilan County: Waiao Beach.

The black sand beach is popular amongst local surfers and is one of the country’s best-kept secrets.

Waiao Beach has consistent waves all year round, and during monsoon season, the waves are much taller and more challenging.

The strong waves may not be suitable for swimming. But you can rent a surfboard for the day at one of the surf shops or sign up for a surf lesson.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can try paragliding and land directly on the black sand beach.

It's free to visit Waiao Beach, and the beach is accessible year-round. Parallel to the beach, there is a promenade with cafes, restaurants, and several surf shops.

While you are visiting Waiao Beach, check out other things to do in Yilan, like visiting Toucheng, the nearby town in northern Yilan County, and learning about the history of Yilan at the Lanyang Museum. 

By car, the journey from Taipei to Waiao Beach is only 52 minutes via the Xueshan Tunnel, the longest tunnel in Taiwan. From Yilan City, it's a 30-minute drive.

For independent travelers, the train journey to Waiao Station takes 1 hour 45 minutes from Taipei and 27 minutes from Yilan City. Then it's a 15-minute walk to the surf beach. 

6. Neipi Beach, Yilan County

Neipi Beach in Yilan County Taiwan

Queenie From Ms. Travel Solo: when visiting Nanfangao, a fishing village in Su'ao Township in southern Yilan County, make sure to include a trip to Neipi Beach.

This black pebble beach is ideal for sunbathing and watching the sunrise. 

Facing the Pacific Ocean, the 1km crescent-shaped beach with crystal clear water is particularly beautiful as the mountains on both ends of the beach create a romantic backdrop.

The beach is also known as Lovers’ Bay, as many couples walk along the beach during sunset. 

Neipi Beach is excellent for water sports like kayaking, kitesurfing, and windsurfing. But the combination of the steep slope into the ocean and the strong underwater current make Neipi Beach only suitable for advanced swimmers.

Important: Children should not be playing near the water as the undercurrent is quite strong. 

It's free to visit Neipi Beach, and it is open all year round. There are a few restaurants and cafes on the north end between Neipi Beach. 

The drive from Taipei to Neipi Beach takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes via Xueshan Tunnel. Taking the train or long-distance buses will take almost 2 hours. 

From anywhere in Yilan County, visiting Neipi Beach is super easy. First, take the train to Su’ao train station. But the walk from the station to the beach is a bit far, it will take about 45 minutes.

A more efficient way is to take a GR28 bus from Su’ao bus station to Neipi Beach. The bus journey is only four stops and takes about 20 minutes and cost NT$20. 

7. Qixingtan Beach, Hualien County

Pebble Tower On Qixingtan Beach Hualien

Mariza from Hop On World: despite being one of the most scenic beaches in Taiwan, Qixingtan Beach is somewhat of a hidden gem and often overlooked by most travelers to Hualien.

Located less than 5km from Hualien City, Qixingtan Beach offers magnificent views of the ocean, and lush jungle-covered mountains create a beautiful backdrop in the distance. 

Besides the terrific views, there is yet another reason to add Qixingtan to your Taiwan trip and that is its natural landscape.

You see, Qixingtan is not a sand beach. Instead, the entire beach is covered with pebbles in all shapes, sizes, and colors imaginable. 

Unfortunately, this also means that swimming is not allowed here. Still, it's a great place to hang out for a few hours to watch the gentle waves, build stone towers, or take epic photos. 

If time permits, you can rent a bike and explore the coastal bike path at your leisure. Afterward, grab a bite in the village or enjoy a picnic or barbeque at the seaside park. 

Qixingtan is a great beach to visit year-round, but if you happen to visit during the summer months, make sure to grab a refreshing aloe ice cream at one of the cute stores to enjoy on the beach! 

The easiest way to get to Qixingtan is by car or scooter. Alternatively, hop in a taxi or rent a U-bike to get here.

8. Sanxiantai Beach, Taitung County

Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge and Sanxiantai Beach, Taitung County Taiwan

Even though Sanxiantai Beach is over 10 kilometers long, this beach is more about the view from the beach than the actual beach itself.

From Sanxiantai Beach you can admire the famous eight-arched pedestrian bridge shaped like a sea dragon.

The bridge leads to a beautiful island with strange rock formations and several hiking trails.

The island is a conservation area and is also named Sanxiantai, which means ‘Terrace of the Three Immortals‘. The local legend is that three of China's Eight Immortals once walked around the island, hence the name.

While this is one of the most popular spots to visit on Taiwan's East Coast, the place is far from crowded. Sanxiantai Beach is an excellent place to watch the sunrise and a popular spot for photographers.

From Taitung, Sanxiantai is about an hour by car. Alternatively, you can travel from Taitung (Forest Park) to Sanxiantai by bus. The journey takes approximately 75 minutes, there are usually six buses a day.

9. Dawan Beach, Pingtung County

White stone tower on sandy beach

Rose from Where Goes Rose: Kenting National Park is a hidden gem within Taiwan located as far from Taipei as you can get, right at the southern tip of the island.

As any traveler will tell you, the ultimate Taiwan travel tip is to escape the beaten path.

Here you can explore some of Taiwan’s most beautiful scenery and relax on beaches with a fraction of the footfall of those in Southeast Asia.

One of the best beaches to visit is Dawan Beach, also known as Big Bay Beach or Kenting Beach, a strip of golden sand in Kenting town.

One thing to be aware of is the fairly strong currents off the coast of this beach. Swimming is prohibited due to strong currents, however, Dawan Beach is a great place for surfing the waves.

Behind the beach, there are a few places to rent surfboards and gear.

Dawan Beach is located in Kenting, from the beach it’s only a short walk to the streets where you can buy lunch and water should you need it.

Want to stay longer? Check out Chateau Beach Resort Kenting, a 5-star hotel across Dawan Beach.

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10. Sand Island Beach, Pingtung County

Shadao Beach in Kenting National Park

Sand Island Beach, also called Sa Dau Beach, is one of the most beautiful places in Kenting National Park.

However, there is a reason this beach looks so spotless and appealing. I'm sure the absence of people makes you wonder why nobody is setting foot on this pristine beach.

Well, ‘unfortunately' this alluring beach is off-limits as this is an ecological protection area, with lots of rare plants growing along the beach.

Luckily you can still admire Sand Island Beach from the rocky reef next to the beach next to the beach.

In this rocky area, you can find many tidal pools full of small underwater creatures, it's fascinating to watch them scutter around their little puddles.

The beach is about 8 kilometers from Kenting village, and the easiest way to get here is by car or scooter.

Sand Island Beach is also a great spot to catch the sunset if you happen to visit in the evening.

11. Little Bay Beach, Pingtung County

Little Bay Beach in Kenting

Little Bay Beach (also called Xiaowan Beach) is yet another wonderful beach in Kenting and this one is suitable for swimming!

Located just outside the town (though within easy walking distance), this beach is perfect for families.

There is a small area with a net around it where you can safely swim. There is also an area for banana boat rides and jet skis, and if you like you can rent a kayak.

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The rocks at the far end of the beach are a good snorkeling spot, you can spot some colorful fish and corals (please be careful and don't touch or step on the coral!).

There are umbrellas for rent if you're craving some shade and you can rinse off the salt water at one of the showers (you'll have to pay a small fee, usually around 20 TWD).

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Beautiful beaches in Taiwan: in conclusion

I hope you have enjoyed reading about Taiwan's beaches and will add them to your Taiwan itinerary! Let me know if you have any questions, you can leave a comment below or send me a message.

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Are you looking for the best beaches in Taiwan? Here you can read about 10 beautiful Taiwan beaches you can't miss when planning a trip to Taiwan. #Taiwan #Beaches #Asia #Travel
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